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Friday Buffet

It’s nice to keep seeing food waste in the news, especially without much of a peg. That we waste 40% of our food is news enough! — — The Great Corn Rescue of 2012. Music to my ears. — — This passage from The UN Dispatch is in reference to the head of Darden Restaurants: …even though […]

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Friday Buffet

Good news, Americans feel more guilt about wasting food than any other environmental transgression. In other words–let’s use this “green guilt” to limit waste! — — Wait, don’t toss those coffee grounds! Slow Food provides some interesting uses for something you thought was useless. — — Here are five helpful tips to help restaurateurs to […]

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Friday Buffet

Here’s an interesting nugget shedding light on how The Cheesecake Factory manages its kitchen inventory. Of course, nothing said about plate waste. — — An restaurant in Sydney, Australia will be closing because of diminished business due to the restaurateur’s strict rules–including compelling customers to ‘try to finish everything’ and bring their own take-home containers. It’s […]

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Friday Buffet

In the UK, the quasi-governmental agency WRAP launched the Hospitality and Food Services Agreement, which allows restaurants to pledge a 5% food and packaging waste reduction by 2015. Domino’s, McDonald’s, Unilever and 2o-odd others have signed on in Britain. Exciting news, but I fear that the companies will focus on packaging (which would be useful, but not […]

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Friday Buffet

The uneaten food fee at buffets makes an appearance in NYC. It’s an interesting strategy, but can prompt overeating. The real solution–get rid of all you can eat. — — National Restaurant Association Show exhibitors donated enough food from their 4-day show to make nearly 42,000 meals. And something tells me the donated foods are top […]

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Bay State Bombshell

In case you missed the big news, Massachusetts is set to ban commercial food waste from landfills by 2014. I included it in Friday’s post, but it deserves its own space. The new regulations would herald a major change–a few cities have similar rules on the books, but no state does. The ruling would prompt […]

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Friday Buffet

This Just In: Massachusetts is planning to ban commercial food waste from landfills. That means large restaurants, hospitals, universities and other large generators would have to compost or create energy with their waste. The ban, likely to go into effect in 2014, would be the first of its kind in the U.S. — — Chuck Schumer […]

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Friday Buffet

Don’t forget to enter the drawing for the new book White Bread by commenting here on your favorite use for stale bread. — — Good on ya, mate! Some green-minded Kiwis are pushing their city to ban food waste from the waste stream. — — Denver has a new composting facility. Always a good thing. […]

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The Dreaded Hair(s)

Katy over at Non-Consumer Advocate posted an interesting question this morning: What do you do with takeout food when you find a hair in it? In her case, it wasn’t just a single one, but a “nest of hair.” The restaurant refunded her money, but the food remained, prompting that question. How we approach the […]

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Offal Wasteful?

After watching this video love letter to offal, you might say today’s culinary system is missing an entire stream of animal protein. Or you might say, ‘Gross!’ What say you? (Oh, and don’t miss the ending.)

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