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Guest Post: In Defense of Stale Bread

Aaron Bobrow-Strain is the author of White Bread: A Social History of the Store-Bought Loaf (Beacon Press, 2012). His writings have also appeared in Gastronomica and The Believer. Here is his impassioned ode to stale bread: — In July 1913, The New York Times announced a Dutch invention—“exceedingly complex and scientific”—that would keep bread fresh […]

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Going Trayless: A Look Back at the Transition

This guest post comes from Alvina Lopez, who is pursuing a journalism degree from Ashford College and blogs on the topics of accredited online colleges. Below, she writes on her cafeteria experience from her undergrad days at Rice University, including the shift to traylessness. — As any college student knows, the cafeteria is a central locus […]

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Guest Post: The Non-Consumer Advocate

Katy Wolk-Stanley is…The Non-Consumer Advocate. The hyphen-happy Portland native blogs about living on less and doing so with a minimal environmental impact. She was kind enough to share some thoughts on how she reduces food waste in her home. Take it away, Katy: With food prices so high, there’s simply no excuse for food waste […]

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Guest Post: Observations on Food Waste in China

Nathalie Lussier, the Raw Foods Witch, recently returned from a four-month trip to China. I was excited when she contacted me about sharing some of her observations on food waste in the most populous nation. Here’s her report: The “Finish Your Food Guilt” Trip There’s a wonderful, ironic comic strip by Mike Adams that really illustrates […]

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Three Things Twitter Can Tell Us About Food Waste

As loyal readers are no doubt aware, Jonathan is taking a brief hiatus from blogging as he and his wife have welcomed a baby boy into their previously waste-free lives. I told Jonathan that the least a new uncle could do was throw up a guest post or two. Here goes: Let’s begin by […]

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