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Send Me Your Produce Letters!

I’ve often posted pictures of fruits and vegetables shaped like letters on this blog. You know, alphabet produce. Until now, I’ve just shared the oddities that I’ve found at farmers’ markets and in my home garden, but I haven’t sought contributions from the outside world. That’s about to change. As of this very moment, I’m […]

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Just one Q…

Continuing the on the theme of alphabet veggies…here is one crazy Q cuke. So we have C, J, S, W and now Q. It’s definitely time for a vowel. Please send in your own letter produce pics–we’ll get that alphabet sooner or later! And remember–real food has curves! Or is straight. You get the idea–it’s not […]

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Wwwhat’s up, Doc?

Continuing on the summer theme of alphabet veggies, here’s another letter. So we have C, J, S and, now…W! (Still looking for a vowel.) While we’re moving away from squash, this carrot is pretty impressive. Thanks to young Mia, a friend of a friend, for picking and posing with this fabulous W carrot. And to think, […]

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Friday Buffet

The UN Food and Agriculture Organization continues to push waste reduction as part of the solution for our broken food system. Here, here! — — Rubies in the Rubble makes me wish I lived in London and I had more of a use for chutney. Cool stuff: — — Tattooing bananas. Looks fun, as long […]

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Presto: Pesto!

When life gets cold…make pesto. With the night air approaching freezing in North Carolina, my backyard basil recently began browning. I picked all remaining leaves with some two-year-old help. Of course–much to my chagrin–I was a little too late for some of the basil… After harvesting our year’s pine nut crop procuring plenty of pine […]

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New York Minute

I just returned home from an energizing visit to New York City. While there, I got to take part in two book-related events, appear on the Leonard Lopate Show, talk shop with many fascinating folks (including a Freegan spokesperson) and even catch up with some friends. My first event was part presentation, part panel discussion. […]

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Cafeteria Composting

Rosie Noden decided that her children and their Kent, Ohio peers needed to become better connected to their food. To achieve that, she and other volunteers recently built a community and school garden at Walls Elementary. Where the story gets even happier, though, is that the school will begin separating and composting food waste from […]

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Goodness Gracious, Gazpacho!

This Friday I made gazpacho, or the cold soup of Spain, as it’s known in my house (from a favorite menu description). The soup served as the final destination for many of my end-of-season garden tomatoes. I think the soup will enter our regular rotation next summer, as it’s easy, tasty and a nice way to […]

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Friday Buffet

Come on, Cleveland! You’re telling me you toss so much food on the ground at ballgames that you’ve essentially trained sea gulls to come on game days?! First Drew Carey, now this? On the plus side, I’d really like to see a live eagle swoop, so I hope the fireworks don’t disperse the gulls. — — Here’s Makes […]

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Ample Harvest? Pass Some Along

Gary Oppenheimer is an avid gardener. A master gardener, in fact. When Gary became director of the West Milford (NJ) Community Garden, he found that others left a lot of produce on the vines. He created a committee, called Ample Harvest, to find food pantries to which they could donate this healthy excess. It turned out they couldn’t find […]

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