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You In?

A package-free, zero-waste, crowd-sourced grocery store is in the works in Austin? Holy hyphens! The store, In.gredients, will open at some point in 2011, as long as their funding outreach progresses. I’m excited to see this store come to fruition, as it seems like a model for other grocers to aim for. I have one small caveat, […]

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Monday Buffet

Here’s NPR’s second story of the week relating to food recovery. I’m a source in this one! — — Massachusetts is clearing some red tape to pave the way for more anaerobic digestion. Wicked awesome! — — Meanwhile, the UK’s largest AD facility just opened in Staffordshire. — — This story on Malaysian restaurateurs’ responses […]

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NPR Spotlights Food Donation

NPR’s All Things Considered ran a fabulous feature on food donation last night, A Squash’s Journey (Sort of sounds like a kids book, no?) The story focuses on Walmart’s impressive food donation program. Specifically, it traces the, yes, journey of a squash and an ear of corn from the retail shelf to food bank recipients’ […]

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Portlandia: the saga continues

While you’ve surely seen this recent “waste stream” story out of Portland, there’s another one worth noting. In short, Rose City residents may soon face this choice: curbside composting or weekly trash collection? In a survey, composting pilot program participants balked at having their monthly garbage bill increase $5 to fund larger garbage cans. Makes sense, […]

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Music for a Good Dumpster Dive

If you could use a little pick-me-up this morning or some inspiration for hitting the Dumpsters, you could do worse than the Black Lips’ Dumpster Dive. Perhaps fittingly, it’s the last track on their MySpace site and their album… I ain’t seen some good trash since I…since I don’t know when… While I can’t make out […]

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Friday Buffet

The Huff Post weighed in on how individuals should handle food waste. Composting it is! — — Nice to see a new-ish composting facility taking root in upstate New York. Almost better–the headline: Dirt, Cheap. — — Here’s some fairly UK-centric tips on how to use up expiring food, courtesy of Love Food Hate Waste’s […]

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Batali Beckons

Two quick personal notes today: Last year, I was on a panel with a mover and shaker in the Mario Batali empire. After kicking around the idea for a while, I can now say that this July I’ll be giving a few talks to the staff at Mario’s restaurants in L.A. and Las Vegas. I’m […]

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Dead Food

I’ve never heard the term ‘dead food.’ But, as used in this article from the Kansas City Star, it’s a catchy, appropriate description of food not used. The article describes an urban, local composting facility that will soon begin accepting others’ household food waste. That’s encouraging, as permitting is often the hardest part to creating […]

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Friday Buffet

Here’s a petition from my pal Jeremy Seifert and the guys behind Dive! to get Trader Joe’s to stop wasting food. — — Here are some tips for using leftover food, all the way from down under (NZ). — — Staying in New Zealand, the government just honored a company diverting food waste to […]

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Why Waste Matters: Water

One of the real problems with wasting food is that we also squander the embedded resources. Mainly, oil and water (and I have found a way to mix the two here). While I usually focus on oil, water is increasingly coming to the fore. To wit, this fascinating Dutch study that tallies foods’ water footprint. In […]

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