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Monday Buffet

If you’re in the mood for some startling food waste stats on a Monday morning, look no further than this piece gleaning some shockers from the recent FAO report. — — And here’s a followup from that same FAO world waste study–a report on post-harvest losses in sub-Saharan Africa. — — MSNBC weighed in with this piece on […]

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Austin Report: Jackpot!

Last night was a special one for me. American Wasteland, my second child, won an IACP award in the first ever Food Matters category. As a result, the certificate pictured below now has pride of place in my Austin Motel room. I also get to insert that neat winner’s badge in the sidebar. And call […]

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The Secret Life of Eggs

I’m not a fan of expiration dates in general–see yesterday’s post–but if stamping them on eggs (along with the batch number) saves half a billion eggs per year at Walmart alone…I can stomach them. Yes, the Walmart video below is a nice bit of propaganda, but it’s a result of a genuine effort by that retailer […]

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