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Friday Buffet

The Ohio EPA is teaming up with grocers to try to get them to compost their food waste. As much as 70 percent of some stores’ trash is food waste! — — Meanwhile, students at Santa Clara found that 42 percent of their trash was food waste. And 70 percent could have been recycled in […]

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When Waste Rots

Curious about food waste’s environmental impact after it’s been sent to a landfill? A report from the UK provides the dirt on London’s food waste carbon footprint. (If you’re curious, here’s the entire report.) The headline: Londoners produce food waste which emits 6.3 million tonnes of greenhouse gases per year, a new report reveals. Just […]

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Sausages Sizzle Again

On the repurposing food front, I recently heard from an Australian reader named Angela. I’ll let her tell the story: We, too, are constantly looking for ways that we can use leftovers and avoid wasting food. I thought I’d share something that we did for the first time this week. We had a BBQ on […]

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The Environmental Food Crisis: A Closer Look

Last week, the UN Environment Programme released a dramatic report (see the press release for condensed reading) on food and climate change. Among other things, The Environmental Food Crisis found that unless we make some dramatic changes, world food production will decrease by as much as 25 percent. If there’s less abundance, wasted food will […]

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Friday Buffet

Nice to see the UN taking the issue of food waste seriously. Now how about the US? (More on this topic on Monday.) — — British chefs provide some insight on really using up all of your food. French-fried potato peels? Now that’s crafty. — — The ValuWaste system is popular at Seattle University. Despite […]

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Trays a la carte

Loyal WF reader Dan Livingston recently e-mailed in with this question: Is there any rationale for going trayless in a non-all-you-can eat setting? If diners pay for each item, do trays encourage waste? As far as I know, traylessness isn’t useful for reducing waste in an a la carte setting. But maybe some of you have experiences that […]

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Making Meat Last Longer

Monday, I wrote about the turning excess buns from barbecue takeout into garlic bread. Well, what about the meat? We had two rather large containers of chopped beef and barbecue chicken and had consumed more than our fill of both. Yet, plenty more remained! My idea: meatloaf! I was really glad to have my mom […]

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Parents of Wasted Food

No, I’m not writing to confess how much food waste family life creates. That’ll come in a year or so. (Joking, hopefully). More to the point, my parents are in town helping out while we get used to life with a son (a cute guy, in my humble opinion). Fortunately for us, my mom has […]

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Three Things Twitter Can Tell Us About Food Waste

As loyal readers are no doubt aware, Jonathan is taking a brief hiatus from blogging as he and his wife have welcomed a baby boy into their previously waste-free lives. I told Jonathan that the least a new uncle could do was throw up a guest post or two. Here goes: Let’s begin by […]

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A Pause for Life

If you’re reading this right now, I’m in the hospital. My lovely wife is now in labor. Well, probably. Unless you’re reading this a day or two later, in which case our son might have hatched. Wow, this feels like a movie. Only if that were the case you’d be hearing these words in a […]

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