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Images on Excess

I’m a big fan of infographics, and adding moving (info)graphics does nothing to diminish the impact of this one, made by

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Quantifying School Lunch Loss

There’s a reason adults tell kids to eat their vegetables–because they don’t! The 2010 changes to the National School Lunch Program (prompted by Michelle Obama’s push) that added more fruits, vegetables and whole grains to kids meals. But that comes at a cost–more wasted food and taxpayer dollars when school food is discarded. Virginia Tech junior Lindsey […]

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Ramadan Waste = Pigswill??

Seldom do you see Ramadan and hogs in the same sentence, but they’ve both been in the ‘food waste news’ recently. On the former, here’s a thought-provoking editorial lamenting the increased food waste during Ramadan in the United Arab Emirates. A common cooking tactic during the holy month of daylight fasting is to overprepare to […]

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Details Emerge on Massachusetts’ Ban on Dumping Organics

The news: In May, the Massachusetts DEP indicated that the state would ban landfilling or incineration of commercial food waste. Yesterday, more details emerged as the Patrick Administration announced the plan. Mind you, the proposed plan is just that. It’s in draft mode, and there will be public hearings seeking comments. There’s also a draft guidance memo […]

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When Life Gives You Pineapple Rinds…

This past weekend I cut up a whole pineapple with a regular knife. As you can imagine, I literally and figuratively try to cut it as close to the rind as possible when I’m carving up a pineapple. I’m aiming for maximum fruit with minimum objections from kids. Still, just like the previous time, I was […]

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Declare Your Independence from Food Waste!

While we’re celebrating declaring independence from the British Crown, it’s worth remembering to declare your independence from food waste. How does one do that? Here’s one way: Whether you’re planning a cookout, a picnic or a regular old meal, plan ahead! Think about how many people will be eating and the amount folks are likely to […]

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Damn, That Looks Fun!

This Saturday, the Feeding the 5,000 bandwagon rolled into Amsterdam for the aptly-named Damn Food Waste event. The day included plenty of groovy music, a dancing carrot person and, most importantly, feeding 5,000 Amsterdammers (or Mokummers) with food that otherwise would have been thrown out. Have a look: Can’t wait for the New York event […]

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