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An App for Avoiding Waste

The iTunes description of the Green Egg Shopper App of starts like this: Reduce food waste by never missing ‘Use by’ dates. Now that’s my kind of app. The Green Egg app–not to be confused with the smokers–helps avoid food waste in a few, neat ways. First, it allows you to make a handy grocery […]

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Be Thankful, Not Wasteful

I hinted at this on Monday, but I wanted to throw down an expanded call to action for Thanksgiving and after: Be Thankful, Not Wasteful Thanksgiving celebrates abundance. And we should absolutely enjoy the celebration. At the same time, I don’t think we honor anyone or anything by wasting food. I’m calling on you to […]

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Turkey Week Project

It’s that time of year again–when I start thinking about the glorious Thanksgiving…leftovers! If you’re like me, you might be craving that day-after sandwich as much as the day-of dinner. Yet, with all of our abundance, though, comes the threat of waste. That’s why I’m hoping you guys will submit some advice here and on […]

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Friday Buffet

Sodexo reported that they’ve reduced waste by 30% on eight campuses. How? Identifying their waste by using LeanPath waste tracking systems. — — Half the fish caught in the North Sea are being thrown back…dead?!?

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On CBS and Carrots

The Early Show on CBS had a piece on food waste. I’m in it briefly, which was fun to see. The video is now online. That a network did a segment on avoiding waste is encouraging. It communicates that the issue is gathering steam and awareness is building. A local camera crew came out to […]

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Happy Recycling

Happy America Recycles Day! On this blog, that means a celebration of composting, which recycles food’s nutrients by depositing them back into the soil. But the mainstream view of recycling doesn’t seem to include composting. What’s your take? Is composting recycling? Should it be considered in that family or is it a different beast? Whatever […]

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Friday Buffet

New Zealand is really taking a hard look at its food waste. And it’s high time–it makes up a whopping 45 percent of Hawke’s Bay region’s trash. — — Houston high schoolers turning food scraps into gasoline?? Great Scott, Marty! To the DeLorean! — — Here’s a good look at the anaerobic digester at Oakland’s […]

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Gleaned Wisdom on Composting

It’s not often you get to sit down with your local composter. Yet I had that pleasure a few weeks back when I met with Christopher Pepe, who recently launched Glean Organics. Pepe has taken an interesting approach to commercial composting–a hyper-local one. The company will serve Durham, N.C., by going after the smaller waste […]

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Atop the Soap Box

Yesterday, my op-ed ran in the Los Angeles Times. As a newspaper lover, I was excited to see it appear in one of the country’s best. You can read the piece on the Times site, or here: — Help the Planet: Stop Wasting Food Let me guess: You’re concerned about the environment. You recycle, buy […]

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Friday Buffet

How can we use carrot stems, radish greens, broccoli stems? Wise Bread has some tips for the hardcore frugals out there. — — Notre Dame students are giving waste reduction the old college try, thanks to Waste-Free Wednesdays. The whole thing is part of the eND Hunger campaign (nice use of caps, there), and we’ll […]

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