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A Challenge

In the last post, I answered that most vexing of questions: Why should I care about food waste? Given its environmental, ethical and economic impact, the logical next question is: What can I do?? You’ll never guess what my first bit of advice is: Waste less food! Sure. But how? The short answer is to become […]

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Why Waste Matters

If you’ve ever thought about food waste, this thought has probably passed through your mind: Why do I even care? Or maybe you’ve heard about wasted food’s ramifications before but find yourself in need of a refresher. In either case, it’s never a bad thing to consider why we shouldn’t squander food. So here goes: […]

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Friday Buffet

Walmart recently announced that their California stores have reduced what they send to the landfill by 80 percent (since 2009). Food donations, composting and anaerobic digestion all play a role there, with their stated goal of eliminating landfill waste by 2025. — — A new UK study found that household food waste accounts for 3 […]

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Icing Postgame Waste

RWIU + NHL = Win, says EPA. OK, let’s run that back: Friday, the Environmental Protection Agency announced plans to honor the partnership of Rock and Wrap It Up and The National Hockey League. Rock and Wrap It Up is a New York-based food recovery group that leads the way in event food recovery. And […]

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Friday Buffet

Massachusetts (food) waste-to-energy company Harvest Power is turning plenty of heads with their fundraising, which will speed development of two anaerobic digesters in Canada. It’s too bad a Massachusetts company hasn’t been able to create any American projects. Yet that’s the sad, but hopefully changing, reality. — —- Here’s a nice piece on gleaning in the […]

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Cheap, Cheap!

As I’ve often mentioned, cheap food is a major cause for food waste. For the past few years it has hovered at about 10 percent of household spending. But, at a recent brown bag lunch, Portland food and waste thinkers informed me that the cost had dipped even further. It’s now 6.9 percent! That’s based […]

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Catching Up

I’m still getting mentally unpacked from a fabulous West Coast swing. (Thanks to all who came out to one event or another.) While I was away, I didn’t have the chance to pass along a link to this New York Times piece on expiration dates. It was neat to see such a major newspaper address […]

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Progress Report

As some of you know, I’ve been traveling on the West Coast this week in support of my book. Or as I like to call it, the Preach to the Choir Tour 2011. Anyway, I thought I’d share a few bits of media. In San Francisco, I had a great time chatting with Alex Wise. […]

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Bread Love

I’m on the road now, prepping for a couple of events in San Francisco (find details here). But I had to pass on this useful post communicating 17 Uses for Stale Bread. And  you were planning to feed it to the birds!!

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Road Trip!

In Jonathan Bloom news: I’m excited to be heading west for my D.I.Y. book tour next week, visiting San Francisco, Seattle and Portland. Or as I like to call it, The Compost Coast. For a full list of events, glance over at the sidebar, or visit my book site. Hope to see you somewhere! In other […]

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