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As some of you know, I’ve been traveling on the West Coast this week in support of my book. Or as I like to call it, the Preach to the Choir Tour 2011.

Anyway, I thought I’d share a few bits of media. In San Francisco, I had a great time chatting with Alex Wise. Turns out he taped the whole thing (including me peering into his fridge at his home studio) and it went to air for Sea Change Radio.

I also participated in a wide-ranging discussion at The Commonwealth Club. The video will be posted soonish, but here’s a recap of the night and some pictures of the affair.

Then Wednesday I taped a segment on Seattle’s NBC affiliate. I thought Margaret, the host, did a fab job. Judge for yourself:

Thursday night, it’s Powell’s in Portland. Hope to see you there!

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    Hi Jonathan,
    Had so hoped to get to your talk last night in Portland. I am a food stylist, nutritionist and author who lived in NYC for 35 years before moving to Portland. I was delighted to see your mention of City Harvest of New York in your book. I remember when City Harvest consisted of 2 stationwagons in it’s early days. As a food stylist we often had leftover food from photo shoot days and assignments making commercials. I always called City Harvest for pickups after a job and they were always there on time to pick up the food. However I have now learned that if any of the food we use has been opened they can not receive it (what a shame!) Cases of cereal, loaves of bread, soups etc. must now be thrown away.
    Was wondering if you know when the rules changed and why. Also do you know of any other organization who would take this food? Congratulations on your book. It touches so many areas where food is involved from home to restaurants etc. with VERY useful suggestions. So sorry to have missed you. Keep up the good work. Delores Custer

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