You can reduce your personal food
waste in five steps:

1. Plan your meals before you grocery shop.

2. Make a detailed shopping list and stick to it!

3. Serve reasonable sized portions.

4. Save your leftovers.

5. Eat those leftovers!

Also, try to use what you already have in your fridge and cupboard. This site is a handy resource making do with what ya got.

Outside the Home:

Contact America’s Second Harvest at 1-800-771-2303 for information on food recovery organizations in your area. Your time or money would be greatly appreciated. For gleaning information, contact The Society of St. Andrew‘s national office at 1-800-333-4597.


Navigate over to The Hunger Site daily to help erase hunger with one click.

Businesses: For restaurants and grocery stores interested in donating food, contact Food Donation Connection at 1-800-831-8161. They link donors with food recovery organizations.