Jonathan’s Articles on Food Waste:

Toronto Restaurant Fights Waste by Chopping Prices Till Food is GoneNPR 5.2.19

True Food, No Waste” Minneapolis Public Schools action plan 1.15.19

Waste Not, Want NotGrist  11.30.18

Healing Through HarvestingNPR 10.26.17

Schooling Food Waste”  Food Tank 3.18.17

We Shouldn’t Need Food Companies To Tell Us When to Bin Bagged KaleThe Guardian 3.3.17

Denmark Capitalizes on Culture to Stop Food WasteNational Geographic 9.26.16

Responsible Cooking the New Norm at Copenhagen’s Amass” Food Tank 9.21.16

Report from Congressional Food Waste HearingBioCycle 6.15.16

5 Things I Learned While Lobbying Congress on Food WasteCivil Eats 6.8.16

Date Labels Confuse ConsumersNational Geographic 5.21.16

We All Waste Food.” National Geographic 4.20.16

A New Roadmap for Fighting Food WasteNational Geographic 3.14.16

Rockefeller Foundation Puts Money, Muscle Behind Food Waste Efforts”  National Geographic 2.22.16

Kenyan Farmers Fight Food Waste…” National Geographic 1.22.16

How to Control Portions and Fight Food WasteHuffington Post 1.20.16

On Ugly Produce” Edible Baja Arizona 1.16.16

Want to Cut Food Waste? Start in Your Own KitchenNational Geographic 11.30.15

Teaching Kids to Waste Less Food”  MSNBC  4.06.15

How to Reduce Food WasteThe News & Observer 3.09.15

NYT Talks Trash–And That’s a Great ThingThe Christian Science Monitor 2.5.15

EU Moves Away From ‘Best By’ Labels” Civil Eats 6.2.14

GOBBLE Your Way to a Waste-free Turkey Day” FoodTank 11.28.13

Be Thankful, Not Wasteful” Think.Eat.Save 11.22.13

The Gleaners Go Hollywood” TakePart 6.5.13

Tackling American Food Waste” (see PDF page 19), Combating Waste 6.5.13

Wasted Food Nation” Greenville Journal 5.2.13

Baste, Taste, then Don’t Waste,” Huffington Post 11.21.12

In the US, There’s a lot of Food Being Wasted” The Washington Post 6.20.12

Food Wastage Footprints” (co-written) UN FAO fact sheet 6.14.12

Every Last Bite: Why Wasting Animal Protein is Unethical”  Grist 3.01.12

A food-waste primer” Culinate 10.12.11

Help the Planet: Stop Wasting Food” L.A. Times 11.07.10

How Avoiding Food Waste Aids the Environment” Huffington Post 10.28.10

10 Teched-out Techniques for Saving Food” Gizmodo 9.24.10

Vegetarianism vs. Eating Meat: A Forum”  Mother Jones 7.19.10

Expiration Dates”  Culinate 1.21.09

An Abundance of Food, Wasted” NY Times.com 11.27.08

Preventing Food Waste: It May Become the Law” Slow Food Nation 8.19.08

Other People’s Pantries” The Perfect Pantry 8.02.08

Five Ways to Stop Wasting Food” US News & World Report online  5.19.08

Photo Essay: Wasted Food” The Jew & the Carrot 3.02.08

The Food Not Eaten” Culinate 11.19.07

Carolina Composting…” BioCycle magazine  8.07

Leftovers are not for Landfills” The Charlotte Observer 4.27.07

Colleges Can Recycle Food” The Philadelphia Inquirer 3.16.07

Trimming Our Wastes” The News & Observer 1.01.07