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Friday Buffet

Korea may be onto something with their trash reduction strategy–using (RFID) electronic chips to help users pay for what they throw! — — The food safety experts at Consumer Reports weigh in on what ketchup rates highest how long summer condiments stay good. In my opinion, they err a tad on the cautious side (two weeks for […]

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Sensing a Problem

I promise I don’t hate technology. I’m not writing this on parchment paper in a cave. But when I read about this scannable, edible patch, I wasn’t thrilled. A Tufts professor has created a patch made from gold (Gold?! ) and plastic (yum!) that your smarty talky gizmo smartphone reads to note how much bacteria […]

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Finnishing Food Waste?

It’s always nice to learn about food waste in a country we don’t often hear from. Today, we see a study on food waste in Finland. Three quick thoughts on the report: Finns waste less food than most Europeans/North Americans. Finnish households produce more waste than any other sector (30-40 percent of the waste). But…I’m […]

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Friday Buffet

The curbside composting program in State College, Penn. is up and roaring and slated to go borough-wide in 2013. — — Glad to hear that URI is trying to minimize its food waste, but I’ve never heard of the need for “waste refrigerators” to keep waste cool before composting. And compost collection certainly happens in […]

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Bieber Battles Waste

There’s that constant blog temptation to link to popular search terms like Bieber and American Wasteland. But this time there’s good reason: Justin Bieber loves food and hates waste. The Biebs recently trimmed his food demands in his tour rider, demanding less dressing room food at each concert venue. Perhaps the pop star made the […]

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Friday Buffet

The Wormdorf Astoria is now taking reservations. A Boca Raton man has created compact vermiculture method and named it creatively. — — Zéro Gâchis? My French is a little rusty, but I think it translates to ‘cool app.’ — — Some big names are investing in food waste-to-energy companies. — — This just in from ConAgra, […]

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An Awesome Infographic

Kudos to Door-to-Door Organics, for producing this awesome infographic! It really helps raise awareness on the issue food waste. 

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Friday Buffet

ABC News weighs in with 5 Worst Food Storage Mistakes. While I don’t love the subtle tone of paranoia (4 days for leftovers?!) there’s some decent advice there. — — Cal Baptist seems to be awash in food waste reduction. There’s nothing revolutionary going on, but a refreshing commitment to minimizing waste. — — German […]

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Technology to the Rescue?

Love Food, Hate Waste. Love Technology, Hate Waste? One question that keeps coming up in my world is whether technology and/or the web can reduce food waste. Certainly, both can, but how? There’s, the backyard produce-to-food bank search aid. And then there’s Zero Percent, a site to help restaurants reduce waste via donations or deals. […]

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Student Input

I recently spoke to an engaged food studies class at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill (UNC). The course, known as Eats 101, is an honors seminar on food and culture in the program in Food, Agriculture and Sustainable Development. After talking about food waste for a bit, I asked the students for their ideas […]

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