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MSU Hosts Our Table Discussion WKAR (MI) 3.22.18

French Food Waste Law Changing Grocery Stores All Things Considered 2.24.18

How Californians Are Fighting Food Waste KCET (CA) 4.5.17

Food Labeling & Liability Laws Don’t Make It Easy to Feed Hungry  Marketplace 3.10.17

Author Says Tackling Food Waste Helps Household & Planet The Forum (ND) 2.17.17

Why You Should Stop Rejecting Ugly Food  Stuff  (NZ) 10.19.16

Seven Sharp TVNZ 10.14.16

The Far Reaching Impact of Global Hunger CCTV America 5.30.16

Meet the MISFITs: Jonathan Bloom MISFIT online 3.17.16

Jonathan Bloom Wants Us To Rethink Food Waste  Street Roots 2.4.16

Getting Ugly Produce Onto Tables The New York Times 11.23.15

Tar Heel of the Week  The News & Observer 11.22.15

We Leave Half of All Seafood On The Table  NPR  9.25.15

It’s Time to Eat Ugly Food  Alternet  9.21.15

Turn Ice Cream Into Fun and Profit  National Geographic  9.15.15

Inside America’s Food Waste Problem  MSNBC  4.22.15

Pickle Butts and Dog Food  Associated Press  3.25.15

We’re Teaching Our Children That It’s OK to Waste Food  RT America  2.24.15

11 Practical Ways You Can Reduce Food Waste…  Mashable  2.15.15

The Daily Circuit  Minnesota Public Radio  8.20.14

Food Dating Confusion  Heritage Radio Network  6.24.14

Food Waste, Urban Gardening, Etc.  The Green Divas Radio Show  6.21.14

Appetite for Reduction?  Be Waste Wise  4.24.14

Restaurants Challenge Themselves to Cut Food Waste   SmartBlog   3.21.14

Weekends with Alex Witt   MSNBC   3.1.14

Playing the Dating Game…  The Colin McEnroe Show (WNPR)  9.26.13

UNEP Expert Q & A United Nations Environmental Programme  9.20.13

Use By. Sell By. Doesn’t Help Us Get By  The Washington Post  9.18.13

Food Waste Reduction Charlotte Talks 7.17.13

Bloomberg Considers Requiring New Yorkers to Compost TakePart 6.18.13

2013 World Environment Day, This Morning (Korea) 6.5.13 (audio)

Food Waste in America: A Question of Value An Organic Conversation 4.6.13

Plate Tech-tonics: How Smartphones can help stop food waste Grist 3.12.13

Food Waste a Low Priority for Restaurants Morning Edition (NPR) 11.27.12 (audio)

The Ugly Truth About Food Waste in America Talk of the Nation (NPR) 11.23.12 (audio)

The Economics of Wasted Leftovers Marketplace 11.23.12 (audio)

American Wasteland Author, Taste 11.19.12

Food Waste Feeds Hospital FlowersUSA Today 10.26.12

Waste Not, Science Friday (NPR) 9.21.12

Spilled and Spoiled, Marketplace 8.27.12 (audio)

Willing to Play the Dating Game with your Food? All Things Considered (NPR) 8.22.12 (audio)

What Do the Dates on Food Mean? Marketplace 6.15.12 (audio)

The Food Money Pit The Deseret News 6.5.12

Diving into the Food Waste Problem Chicago Tribune 4.20.12

5 Easy Ways to Stop Food Waste Take Part 4.18.12

Where We Live WNPR 4.17.12

Leftovers: Tasty or Trash? The Wall Street Journal 3.21.12

The Marc Steiner Show WEAA 3.8.12

2012 Trends Q & A JWT Intelligence 2.15.12

Harvest Power series Nature of Business 1.3.12

i Eat Green Progressive Radio Network 12.21.11

Food Waste: A $100 Billion Problem The Atlantic 12.14.11

Topical Currents WLRN 11.15.11 Live FoxNews Online 11.10.11

Patt Morrison Show KPCC 10.6.11

This Green Earth KPCW 9.27.11

Jonathan Bloom Interview The Organic View 9.13.11

Living Today Martha Stewart Living Radio 9.12.11

Perspectives: Reducing Food Waste Nourish 8.23.11

Growing Home with Jonathan Bloom Edible Radio 7.5.11

Food Bank Shortages Lead to Innovation NPR 6.25.11

Why Americans Throw Away a Quarter of Their Food 6.15.11

Don’t Toss It, Eat It! FearLess TV with Alex Bogusky  5.26.11

Two Percent of U.S. Energy goes to Wasted Food Grist 5.23.11

Cook a Meal You and the Planet Will Love Men’s Health blog   4.22.11

Food Waste Wake-up Call SecondAct 3.21.11

New Day Northwest KING-5 3.9.11

Waste in America The Conversation (KUOW)  3.8.11

The Clark Howard Show HLN 3.5.11

Reduce Your Food Waste in 10 Minutes Earth911 2.21.11

Nourishing Resolutions: Waste Not The Nourish Network 1.15.11

Food Waste: An Unappetizing, $27B Problem Toronto Star 1.14.11

Reducing Our Waste Living Today (Martha Stewart Radio) 1.12.11

Wasting Less Food in Our Kitchen and Country Epicurious 1.5.11

Resolved: Waste Less Food The News & Observer 12.29.10

Common Sense Ways to Reduce Food Waste The Seattle Times 12.18.10

American Wasteland reading Book TV 12.13.10

Waste Not, Want Not The Leonard Lopate Show (WNYC) 12.13.10

Waste Not The Joy Cardin Show (Wisconsin Public Radio)12.7.10

A Call to Action Fox 25 News 11.29.10

…Table Scraps and Global Warming The Madeleine Brand Show (KPCC) 11.27.10

Thanksgiving Eve Food Special The Emily Rooney Show (WGBH) 11.24.10

Celebrating Abundance, Without the Waste CBS News Online 11.24.10

America Wastes Too Much Food? 11.12.10

Wasted The Brian Lehrer Show (WNYC) 11.9.10

Wasting Food: Farm to Fridge to Landfill The Kojo Nnamdi Show (WAMU) 11.3.10

From Farm to Fridge to Garbage Can The New York Times, 11.1.10

How America Throws Away Nearly Half of its Food Think (KERA) 10.28.10

America: Land of Opportunity KPCC 10.25.10

All You Can Eat Ode Magazine 10.2010

Wasted Food Radio Times (WHYY) 10.19.10

Food: Why We Waste So Much The Huffington Post 10.18.10

Throwing Away Our Food The Wall Street Journal 10.16.10

America Wastes Nearly Half Its Food The Takeaway (NPR) 10.14.10

The Green Front interview Progressive Radio Network 10.13.10

Study: Wasted Food is a Huge Energy Drain AOL News 10.2.10

American Wasteland: How We Waste Food CNN 10.1.10

Of Feast and FamineThe Guardian 8.10.10

Waste Not, Want Not Today’s Dietitian July 2010 (page 20)

Interview with Jonathan Bloom Food Sleuth (KOPN) 5.20.10

Trashing the Idea of Throwaway Food Treehugger 3.17.10

Land of Plenty is Plenty Wasteful with its Food The Palm Beach Post 2.19.10

Greater Chicago Food Depository… Chicago Tribune 12.24.09

Turning our Waste into Energy National Post (Canada) 10.17.09

Interview: Jonathan Bloom The Jew & The Carrot 9.23.09

The Food We Throw Away Where We Live (WNPR) 8.11.09

Wasted Food Interview The Don Shelby Show (WCCO) 7.22.09

Wasted Food Interview The Leonard Lopate Show (WNYC) 1.8.09

A Year of Wasting Less Food Austin American-Statesman 1.7.09

Why is Food Waste So Important?, Part 2 & Part 3 Cooking Up A Story 12.17.08

Wasted Food Interview Good Food (KCRW) 12.13.08

Straight Talk on Curved Cucumbers The Non-Consumer Advocate 12.12.08

Jonathan Bloom Interview, Part 1 and Part 2 Food Interviews 8.21.08

What Grocery Store Waste Costs You Parade 7.20.08

Wasted Food: Jonathan Bloom How You Eco 7.18.08

How Much Food Do We Waste? The Today Show 6.24.08

How We Waste Food The Toronto Star 5.25.08

The Well Podcast: More on Wasted Food NY 5.22.08

Paying Attention to the Food We Don’t Eat NY 5.19.08

One Country’s Table Scraps… The New York Times 5.18.08

Rotten Food Just Tastes Better Chow 4.10.08

Food Waste, Eco-Farm Coverage… More Deliberate Every Day 1.29.08

Conserve Your Food Resources… Slashfood 12.20.07

More Wasted Food! Homeless in America 12.12.07

Commentary & Blogs The Ethicurean 12.07.07

Heartbreak at the Airport Chow 12.05.07

In Praise of Leftovers The Food Section 11.15.07

Freegans, Food Waste… Food Museum Blog 9.24.07

Wasted Food Serious Eats 9.17.07

Digest-Blog Snacks The Ethicurean 9.15.07

Is Food Waste next…? The Seattle Times 7.14.07


  1. Posted September 26, 2007 at 6:46 pm | Permalink


    Great site. Do you know if there are any food waste documentaries?

  2. Jonathan
    Posted September 27, 2007 at 8:53 am | Permalink

    Hey Jaison,
    As far as I know, there’s only one documentary on food waste and it’s set in France: The Gleaners and I

  3. Posted October 30, 2007 at 12:28 pm | Permalink

    fine article. thanks

  4. Posted December 11, 2007 at 1:14 am | Permalink


    We are very blessed at HIA to hear from you and to learn about your work for justice, concern for the environment and for the poor. Looking forward to following your writing, reporting and creativity. Your site is professional and extremely helpful!

    Best wishes from the HIA writers and bloggers –

  5. lisa robinson
    Posted April 30, 2008 at 4:12 pm | Permalink


    I am an investigative reporter at WBAL-TV in Baltimore. I am working on a story about food waste…from stores and establishments and how our government let’s it happen. If anyone knows about the places in my area that throw stuff out all the time and when they do it I would like to know. Also is anyone out there in my area going out to retrieve the food that’s wasted…we would like to go along. Please call and write. Lisa Robinson


  6. Precious de Leon
    Posted May 31, 2008 at 1:12 am | Permalink

    Hi Jonathan,

    I can’t wait for your book to get published. It’s great that there’s people like you who really are letting their actions do the talking.

    It’s so easy for so many of us to talk and agree about how bad is food wasting then continue to throw out perfectly edible food in the privacy of our homes.

    Keep it up!

  7. Posted June 1, 2008 at 11:10 am | Permalink

    Hey Precious,
    You’re dead on in that it’s easy to nod along and still throw away food. Heck, I’m cleaning out my pantry now and am tossing out waaay too much stuff. Avoiding waste takes some foresight.

  8. Posted March 24, 2009 at 12:03 am | Permalink

    I might link to some of these articles on my blog.

  9. Posted December 2, 2009 at 6:47 pm | Permalink

    Jonathan, I got your email.
    I am the Founder owner of nearlyoutofdate.
    My Home tel no is 01877 380073.
    email and
    I am usually up until 1.30am GM.
    If you have a tel no I can call you.
    Regards. Ray

  10. Posted February 24, 2010 at 9:38 am | Permalink

    Hi Jaison,
    we are just about to produce an international documentary on food waste called “Taste the Waste”, you find more information on our website or you can look at our trailer at

  11. Mr Albert Malaguti
    Posted November 29, 2010 at 9:20 am | Permalink

    I just want to say that this is a great thing you are doing. Back in 1970 while fighting in Vietnam with the Marines I was saw many young Vietnamese people starving. I saw them begging for food. I saw them dead on the side of the road for not eating….I swore from that day forward I would never waste food again. I have never wasted food since. I owned and operated a Pizza/Sub shop for years and all unused food was to be thrown into a seperate bin. That bin was taken across the street into the woods and dumped. I should let you know that I lived etc where there was thousands of acres of protected land. Each morning the food was gone. I have seen Fox, Skunk, Oppossum, Cayote, Owl, Deer, other various small animals…At home I do it also. My famiy thinks I am nuts and maybe I am but all food I have is eaten by someone or something. My dumpster guy told me I had the cleanest dumpster on his route and it didn’t stink.
    That’s all I wanted to say…It’s good for someone to do that. I’d love to send a few people over to Chad or Somolia or several other countries and let them see for themselves just how lucky they are…Thank you Mr Bloom & crew…Good Job…

    I’m to old now to get involved like you…

  12. Posted February 3, 2012 at 10:46 am | Permalink

    Hello there, just became alert to your blog via Google, and discovered that its truly informative. Im gonna watch out for brussels. I will appreciate in the event you continue this in future. Lots of individuals will probably be benefited from your writing. Cheers! xrumer 266864

  13. Posted March 22, 2012 at 7:38 pm | Permalink

    Soooo exciting!!!

  14. Larry Tannenbaum
    Posted May 30, 2013 at 11:53 am | Permalink

    Hi Jonathan,

    I’m researching/writing a paper that I intend to submit to a peer-rviewed journal. I’d like to come by a certain statistic, namely how much food in the U.S. (in dollars or volume) gets tossed because it fails to meet some (FDA or other) standard for ‘aesthetics’ — such as color or taste (although the food is perfectly safe to eat).

    Thanks if you can supply that stat.

    Larry Tannenbaum

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