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I’ve done a decent amount of media in my, gulp, 10+ years of writing about food waste. But this Meet the MISFITS feature was among the most fun and introspective interviews I’ve done. The  neat people behind MISFIT Juicery curate these interviews in addition to making beverages out of ‘aesthetically-challenged’ produce. As an interview bonus, I got […]

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Watching the 5,000

Carolina Dining Services recently published this recap of their fabulous Feeding the 5,000 event at UNC. Have a look–it’s four minutes well spent. Experience the day and all the work that went into it.

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Not-So-Stale Ideas for Bread

Got stale bread? You probably will at some point. Courtesy of Sustainable America, here are 10 helpful tips on how to use your old bread.

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This Fall, I participated in an amazing Feeding the 5,000 event at UNC Chapel Hill. The organizers, Carolina Dining Services, spent weeks, if not months, preparing for this meaningful day of action. The organizers, led by Ryan Moore, gleaned sweet potatoes, sought out wonky produce, and bought bycatch fish that would otherwise have been squandered. […]

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Monday Smorgasbord

With Vancouver set to ban food waste from landfills in 2015, local group FarmFolk CityFolk sponsored a 10-week Foodprint Challenge. The pilot program run in conjunction with local retailer Choices Markets sheds light on household food waste. — — Britain’s National Pig Association started a ‘pig push‘ to overturn the EU swill-feeding ban. Naturally, this initiative […]

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Food: Too Good To Waste

King County (Washington) just launched an amazing campaign called Food: Too Good To Waste. They ran a pilot program last year, but have scaled up the initiative to include, among other things…videos! In the videos, Chef Jackie, of campaign partner PCC Natural Markets, is the star. After watching her help families reduce their food waste in […]

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Getting Grocery Rite

This week, while at the Sustainable Foods Summit in San Francisco, I learned more about what the largest supermarket chains and food manufacturers are doing to reduce food waste through the FMI/GMA Food Waste Reduction Alliance. As you can see from this page and their slides (download), the initiative is encouraging and ongoing. On the other […]

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The Dreaded Hair(s)

Katy over at Non-Consumer Advocate posted an interesting question this morning: What do you do with takeout food when you find a hair in it? In her case, it wasn’t just a single one, but a “nest of hair.” The restaurant refunded her money, but the food remained, prompting that question. How we approach the […]

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86ing Waste

This past week, I gave a series of talks at Mario Batali’s restaurants in LA and Las Vegas. It was an interesting, eye-opening experience. I learned a fair amount about how restaurants view waste and, hopefully, the warm, professional staff learned a bit about the importance of reducing waste. The restaurant group is already on […]

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Bread Love

I’m on the road now, prepping for a couple of events in San Francisco (find details here). But I had to pass on this useful post communicating 17 Uses for Stale Bread. And  you were planning to feed it to the birds!!

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