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Friday Buffet

Yes! This is just what we need: the big waste players are starting to get behind food waste recycling–be it waste-to-energy or comosting. I guess, for Waste Management,¬† it starts in Orange County… — — There’s been an uptick in DC restaurant composting, as reported in The Post. — — Hong Kong may be challenging […]

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No Treats from this Trick

Given the name of this blog, I can’t condone the practice of shooting pumpkins at a bus. But I can’t get too worked up about it, either. Especially when it produces the same end result as a jack-o-lantern: an uneaten pumpkin. Enjoy this odd scene… Incidentally, a researcher of a soon-to-be published study told me […]

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Vending Veggies and Fruits

The Wall Street Journal, fresh off this awesome piece on food waste, continued its hot streak with this article/video on produce vending machines in schools. Unlike the traditional sweets and chips, fresh foods in vending machine provides new challenges to avoid waste. Namely, temperature and bruising. It’d be easier if the new machines focused on […]

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Friday Buffet

What happens when a flood knocks out electricity at a supermarket (and there isn’t a backup generator, apparently)? 1. Lots and lots of wasted food 2. An env. photography award. — — A billboard made out of cheese? Food artist? Hmmm… — — Since I don’t fully understand Woot, I’m not even sure if it’s […]

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Going Trayless: A Look Back at the Transition

This guest post comes from Alvina Lopez, who is pursuing a journalism degree from Ashford College and blogs on the topics of¬†accredited online colleges. Below, she writes on her cafeteria experience from her undergrad days at Rice University, including the shift to traylessness. — As any college student knows, the cafeteria is a central locus […]

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A Video for Monday

Here’s a short documentary on food waste by The Plaid Trash Ninjas, students from Appalachian State University (I’m not making this stuff up). The video provides a nice overview of how food is wasted and what we can do to change it. It’s a nice overview of our national food waste habit and is certainly […]

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Friday Buffet

Don’t look now, but Walmart is doing it again. The retail giant announced plans to reduce food waste at its stores by 10 to 15 percent! Hopefully this prompts other supermarkets to keep pace. — — Salon offered up the useful, fun Seven Tasty Ways to Stop Wasting Food. My favorite–“Don’t be a wuss” (eat […]

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Yam Jam fun

This past Saturday, I volunteered at Yam Jam 2010. It’s the grand daddy of all gleaning events, and this year didn’t disappoint. The hundreds of volunteers collected 21,407 pounds of sweet potatoes. True, we did collect sweet potatoes, not yams. You’ll have to pardon the slight misnomer–all in the name of attracting a good crowd. […]

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Book Out!

Today is the official release date for my book! Today, my book becomes a man. While many of you already received your copy, via Amazon and elsewhere, I’m sure more of you haven’t seen it. So here’s a little preview–me talking a bit about American Wasteland:

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Book It!

It’s an exciting time here–my book will officially be released on Tuesday. While American Wasteland is actually on the shelf at some stores and Amazon began shipping preorders two weeks ago, tomorrow marks the book’s full release. It will be a joyous day, for sure. As part of the celebration, I’ll have a special treat […]

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