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Friday Buffet

Here’s a fascinating preview of an article on home food waste that’s due out in the spring (sort of like the movie trailer of the magazine world!). Based on the online piece, I can’t wait to read the real thing. — — A comment on the above page led me to discover my new favorite […]

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Talk of the Expiration

Slate recently ran a fabulous article on the caution contained in food date labels. How ‘expiration dates’ aren’t that. On Monday, NPR’s Talk of the Nation had Nadia Arumugam, the article’s author, on to discuss the topic. It’s interesting stuff, and exciting to hear it discussed on such a grand stage. Although I did find […]

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Gold Medal for Vancouver?

Vancouver is certainly receiving its fair share of attention recently. Well, here’s a little bit more–the city seems to be hitting a few green targets with its food waste recycling. Yesterday, I saw that Harvest Power, a Boston area firm plans to build an anaerobic digester on 22 acres it owns near…Vancouver. Apparently, Harvest now […]

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Gone to Ground

I’m working like crazy to make my book deadline, but I’d hate to leave you in a lurch on Presidents’ Day. So, a few quick links: While doing some final research on the apple industry, I came across this article on apples gone to ground. An oldie but goodie, er, sort of. While we’re talking about apples…this may […]

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Friday Buffet

For those of you disgusted or at least dismayed by the ‘beaurocracy gone wild’ waste prompted by the Chicago Board of Health that I linked to last week, here’s a piece from Chicago Public Radio on the events. Seems like the food was tossed because its owner couldn’t prove it was safe. Not because anyone […]

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When Packaging Helps

On Monday, the Freakonomics Blog made a, well, economical case for why we should care more about food waste than packaging waste. Writing as a Super Freak(onomics member), James McWilliams provided a neat summary of why I don’t write more about food packaging. In a word, it’s methane: But if you take the packaging away […]

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Ketchup Concerns

Since I’ve been in Mississippi recently, I’ve been eating fried food a bit more than I usually do (read: almost never). What good timing then that Heinz has decided to update how they serve fried food best friend, ketchup. The world’s leading ketchup maker is replacing its old packets with Heinz’s Dip & Squeeze packets, […]

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Friday Buffet

In a move that should surprise no one, Portland will test a household food waste pickup system in 2,000 homes come April. Great idea, great quote: Portland’s solid waste and recycling manager, Bruce Walker, says, “We’re coming right into their kitchen saying, ‘Please change your habits.’ “ — — Keep sandwich thieves away with these […]

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Grapefruit Gone to Ground

On my last day in Chile for this chef’s conference, I ran into some farm waste. A group of 50 of us were touring an avocado, grape and citrus farm called Desarrollo Agrario thanks to Hass Avocado (warning: awesome jingle at this site. Also, palta, not aguacate, is South American Spanish for avocado). On the […]

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