Gold Medal for Vancouver?

Vancouver is certainly receiving its fair share of attention recently. Well, here’s a little bit more–the city seems to be hitting a few green targets with its food waste by popejon2

Yesterday, I saw that Harvest Power, a Boston area firm plans to build an anaerobic digester on 22 acres it owns near…Vancouver.

Apparently, Harvest now operates Fraser Richmond Soil & Fibre, which recently began accepting food waste from Metro Vancouver. The Richmond facility, which previously only took in yard waste, now composts food scraps from nearby Vancouver. This waste stream will soon go to anaerobic digestion.

As for those Olympics, I’m not entirely sure whether they’re composting food waste there. An online posting for a sustainability volunteer lists composting as one responsibility. Could it be that it’s only wood waste composting? Seems unlikely. Does anyone know if there are green bins at Olympic venues or in the Olympic Village?

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