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Double Dare

Recently, KFC announced that they’re going to donate a bunch of “unneeded” rolls and funds to food banks across the U.S. These rolls are surplus because their new sandwich, the Double Down, substitutes chicken for bread. Now this is just silly. There’s no surplus of rolls. The company has known it would be introducing this […]

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Food Fight! (for a good cause)

The last time I groused about how food fights are dispicable, many of you told me to lighten up. Well, I’ve found a variation on the “activity” that makes me much less cranky: Food Fights Against Food Waste! This event, undertaken in Wales by these do-gooders, used food recovered from a dumpster. The practitioners aimed to bring attention to […]

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Friday Buffet

Vancouver implemented curbside food scrap composting yesterday, er…Earth Day. It’s limited to single family houses now and is only accepting some organic materials this year. The city site has some nice promo posters, a video showing how composting is part of cooking and a 35% of home waste is food stat that seems a bit high. But the real question […]

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Earth Day Correspondence

Dear Wasted Food reader, Tomorrow is Earth Day. You may have heard. You know, it’s a time to be inundated with offers to buy green products contemplate our planet’s fragility. To mark the occasion, I have one simple request: Don’t waste any food. That’s not too much to ask–for one day, at least–is it? Thanks and enjoy the […]

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Coordinating Gleaning

Saturday, I attended a training to become a field supervisor for gleaning outings. In other words, if you sign up to glean crops with the Society of St. Andrew, I might just be the guy in charge. Scary. While I’ve volunteered a bunch in the past, but haven’t been out gleaning in far too long. […]

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Friday Buffet

Whoa–just heard about Disney’s food donation program. They donate 50,000 lbs per month of food that has been prepared but not served! — — Hot diggity dog, Dubuque! The “Masterpiece on the Mississippi” is the first city in Iowa to offer curbside food waste collection. — — Was this Julia Child espousing food waste?! On […]

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Earth Day Double Play

Hard to believe that it’s baseball season already. But it is. And with April 22 fast approaching, that means many teams have publicized their plans for Earth Day. Is it just me, or do all the Earth-Day-only plans magnify how teams (or businesses or ourselves) don’t do much every day? There’s lip service paid to […]

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This Republic of Squandering

Food Waste Republic (as in, the Republic of Singapore) is a fabulous new project from three journalism students from the Asian island city-state. The site examines many facets of food waste through many mediums. There’s an engrossing audio slideshow from a wholesale market, where workers estimate that 30 percent of vegetables are thrown away. And […]

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Friday Buffet

Bleaching food so humans don’t eat it has to be some sort of sin, right? Thoughts? — — Wow, I didn’t realize food was the largest portion of California’s waste stream. Nationally, it’s paper. Probably speaks to Californians’ success at recycling paper…and their lackthereof in reducing food waste. — — Talk about a candidate for […]

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Growing Compost

When your favorite food recovery operation hosts America’s favorite urban farming/vermiculture advocate, you go. Last night, Inter-Faith Food Shuttle hosted Will Allen, who spoke about the operations at the sustainable, renewable, local, urban, awesome Milwaukee headquarters at Growing Power. The event served as a kick-off for a community garden at a non-profit medical center. As you can see, the garden […]

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