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If your furniture could compost food, why shouldn’t it? Form and function are nice, but how about adding even more function?! Since you’re probably going to have furniture in your home anyway, why not fill it with composting worms? Those were a few of the questions that informed the Vermiculture Furniture course at Ohio State.* The ten-week class was […]

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Friday Buffet

The Wormdorf Astoria is now taking reservations. A Boca Raton man has created compact vermiculture method and named it creatively. — — Zéro Gâchis? My French is a little rusty, but I think it translates to ‘cool app.’ — — Some big names are investing in food waste-to-energy companies. — — This just in from ConAgra, […]

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Growing Compost

When your favorite food recovery operation hosts America’s favorite urban farming/vermiculture advocate, you go. Last night, Inter-Faith Food Shuttle hosted Will Allen, who spoke about the operations at the sustainable, renewable, local, urban, awesome Milwaukee headquarters at Growing Power. The event served as a kick-off for a community garden at a non-profit medical center. As you can see, the garden […]

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Pot of Black Gold

Q: What’s greener than Irish composting??  A: Irish worm composting. The latter is slightly greener, as worms break down organics quicker than regular composting. Even more heartening, though, is the mandatory separation of food waste for large-scale food producers. The legislation took effect on January 1 and impacts restaurants, supermarkets and anyone producing more than 50 kg […]

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Get Thee to a Wormery

If you’ve visited this site more than a handful of times, you probably know of my affection and appreciation for Portland. The progressive stance on reducing and recycling food waste there just plain puts me in a good mood. Well, here’s the latest idea brewing in the Rose City: a collectively-operated worm composting operation. Yes, […]

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Another Kind of Waste

I had such high hopes for the Chicago Tribune piece “Schools Promote Waste-Free Lunches.” When I read that headline, I thought of food waste, not packaging. As you can guess, the article is almost solely about the latter. Yes, keeping food packaging from the landfill is a noble cause. But, I would argue, not as […]

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Friday Buffet

A Cape Cod mother reflects on how much trash can collect in just one weekend. The article includes an interesting discussion of reducing waste via Pay-As-You-Throw trash collection. — — Good to see the (tennis) U.S. Open is composting the food scraps from its central kitchens, but why not have composting bins on the concourse for fans? We’ll call […]

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Friday Buffet

A vermicomposter in every kitchen? GreenWiggler provides the knowhow for a simple, D.I.Y. worm bin. — — A Notre Dame student plans to start a composting program. And not a moment too soon, as the average Golden Dome diner wastes more than a quarter pound (5.03 ounces) per meal. — — While things are looking up […]

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