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Swiss Buffet Banking on Waste

The global, national or even household cost of food waste can be difficult to quantify. Yet, sometimes it’s not too hard. At the Patrizietta restaurant in Switzerland, it costs 5 francs (roughly $5) per person. At the Ticino area restaurant you can take all you want from the 12 franc buffet, but not finishing it will […]

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Fine with a Fine?

In American Wasteland, I wrote about a buffet in London that charges a fee for food left uneaten and donates the proceeds to Oxfam. This editorial advocating that buffet restaurants fine patrons for uneaten food caught my eye. The idea stemmed from a seafood restaurant in Sapporo that is pretty particular about how customers eat […]

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Friday Buffet

Here’s an alternate take on the 3% wasted food charge discussed here Monday. By the way, that story really has legs… — — Amen–a Secretary of Food. Here’s an online petition to support a reformer for Secretary of Agriculture Food. — — Check out this topical interview with some dude who can’t seem to speak […]

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Paying for Unfinished Food

Hayashi Ya Japanese Restaurant is just your regular NYC all-you-can-eat joint (if you consider a $26.95 per person price regular). Except for one little wrinkle captured on their sidewalk sign: We will charge 3% for wasted and unfinished food. New York’s WCBS had this report on the policy that discourages customers from taking more food […]

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Kong-sized waste

Hefty plate waste after eating out isn’t just an American specialty. Thanks to its abundance of restaurants and hotels, wasted food comprises one third of Hong Kong’s landfill space. (The US average is about 12 percent.) To reduce their food waste, local eateries have implemented an interesting idea–fining buffet diners for uneaten food. Voice of […]

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