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All Stink Considered

NPR’s All Things Considered just aired an interesting piece on the experimental food waste recycling program in Los Angeles. It’s certainly worth a listen, especially to hear how some folks respond to the idea of separating food scraps from their regular trash.   Hearing the description of L.A.’s waste transfer station brings back memories…of bad smells. Be very glad […]

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Sneaky Frugality

While cruising the Interweb, I came across this cry for help from a mom trying to feed picky eaters with already-cooked carrots, cauliflower and squash she was given. Apparently, her husband and sons refuse to eat those items. The suggestions focused on pureeing the vegetables to hide them in foods her family would eat. One […]

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Friday Buffet

I like the idea of a compost bench, but not the price tag. — — It’s always nice to hear about food waste from our friends down under. Then again…I think I disagree with every opinion in this post, written by an American ex-pat living in Australia, on doggie bags (except the ridiculousness of U.S. […]

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Improving Expiration Dates

Many in the supermarket industry look forward to the days when all items have RFID tags. These tiny transmitters would essentially eliminate the need for check out registers, dramatically cutting stores’ labor costs. A new kind of RFID tag that University of Manchester (UK) researchers are developing could help reduce waste. The tags would be […]

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Fresh Compost

I live close to a school. This summer, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that it had a garden. I came to learn that it’s one of those Edible Schoolyard type gardens, and I’ve been told that they use it to teach math and other subjects in addition to illustrating where food comes from. Apparently […]

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County Composting in Oregon?

Word out of Oregon is that Marion County is considering composting all of its food waste. To which I say: go for it! I drove through that very county on my recent West Coast trip and if that stretch of Highway 5 is any indication…Fine, I couldn’t tell anything from the road, but I think […]

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All Things in Moderation

Today, I’ll be moderating a panel on the Politics of Campus Dining at the Politics of Food Conference. I know–lots of politics. I’m not entirely sure how I earned this honor, but I do know I’ll do my darndest to include wasted food in the discussion. Hosted by the Environmental Leadership Program, the conference is […]

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Disastrous Waste

WF reader Bess recently wrote in to discuss food recovery in the wake of natural disasters, particularly hurricanes like Ike. It’s an tricky topic, as storms create both a real need for food and plenty of food waste from power loss.  Stores are often forced to throw away all perishable foods. Even after they regain power, […]

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Scrounging for Answers

As discussed here last year, Portland’s Reed College has a unique way of avoiding food waste. The small college has a well-established tradition (dating back to the 1960s) where “scroungers” eat the leftovers of those with meal plans.  Students with board points drop off their uneaten food at the scrounge tables on their way to the dish return […]

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Programming Note

I’m back from my West Coast swing, and I have seen the light: It’s time to get back to posting regularly. Things will resume as normal from here on out. I’m returning with a fresh appreciation for backyard tree gleaning, consistent web access and nature’s glory.  On that last one, here’s a little proof of what can happen […]

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