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The Weekly Waste Word: New Year’s Parties

It’s New Year’s Eve, you’re planning a party and avoiding food waste is the least of your worries. But you care about the environment and want to minimize the amount of food thrown away. Turns out it doesn’t take all that much effort to do so. This post supplies many practical pointers, both waste-oriented and not. […]

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Friday Buffet

I haven’t tried Green Bags yet, but the produce preserving plastic bags’ Web site sure makes an annoying a convincing case. Reviews of the product are mostly positive.  — — Looking for a fresh start in 2008? One idea is to clean out the fridge by making some simple meals with its contents. Seattle blogger Jack, of the Fifth Flavor, provides […]

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Wasted Gifts

Happy in-between-Christmas-and-New Year’s! I hope you’re enjoying the piles of leftovers and recycling the piles of cardboard. It’s never too early to start next year’s Christmas list. I can’t believe I didn’t find out about this NatureMill indoor composting unit until now. But since it sells for $300 ($400 if you want it to compost pet poop along with food […]

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Merry Christmas, etc.

If t’is the season for you to be jolly–Merry Christmas! Just a quick reminder: Try to divvy up that Christmas goose or whatever you’re currently roasting. Sending guests home with leftovers ensures that the season of giving keeps giving (and that you don’t end up giving food to your trash).  If, like some lucky folks […]

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Friday Buffet: Christmas Edition

Here’s some food for thought when you’re out shopping for your Christmas meal or New Year’s bash: UK food waste increases by 80 percent during the Christmas and New Year’s period. — — This article provides some all-purpose green tips for the red and green season. The food-related advice is similar to that given on […]

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Holiday Spirit?

Playing the role of Scrooge this (and most every) year, is Wal-Mart. St. Louis’ KMOV-TV recently ran a great piece of investigative journalism on just how much food is wasted at Wal-Mart and Sam’s Clubs. The station went inside the belly of the beast and got some fascinating hidden camera footage. The piece smartly details […]

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Hotel Food Waste

The Chicago Tribune tells us that an average-sized hotel purchases more products in a week than 100 families will in a year. That heavy purchasing, much of which is food, leads to great waste. The California Integrated Waste Management Board says that the lodging industry in California generates 112,000 tons of food waste, 2 percent of […]

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Surrey Cites Waste

According to the BBC, this man dressed as a waiter has been visiting “iconic” Surrey sights with a silver tray of food meant to represent how much the average Surrey household wastes in a week. That would be 57 pounds. It’s a worthy way to bring attention to a topic that, outside of this site, doesn’t get tons of […]

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The Weekly Waste Word: Making Stock

I try to eat as much of the food I buy as possible. I plan out meals before I shop, save leftovers and compost whatever’s left. But until recently, I hadn’t made stock from leftover veggies or bones. To put my money where my mouth is, I set out to make chicken stock.   In my mind, making stock seemed like […]

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Friday Buffet

Not sure how I missed these Plates and bowls from food waste! It’s a neat use for peels and scraps, but I’m not sure I’d want my dinnerware “imparting” smells on my food. — — In honor of Mitt Romney: even Brigham Young despised food waste.  — — On the surface, this story of a Japanese […]

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