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Agribusiness Thinking About Waste?

It’s encouraging to see anyone in agriculture talking about reducing waste. It’s especially so when they’re part of Big Ag. For example, a speaker at the Bayer CropScience Ag Issues Forum raising the flag against waste. — — Also, yesterday and today I’ve been at the Shared Tables Symposium at UNC and Duke. I’ve been heartened […]

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The Dreaded Hair(s)

Katy over at Non-Consumer Advocate posted an interesting question this morning: What do you do with takeout food when you find a hair in it? In her case, it wasn’t just a single one, but a “nest of hair.” The restaurant refunded her money, but the food remained, prompting that question. How we approach the […]

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Friday Buffet

How am I just hearing about Fenugreen? Paper that makes produce keep longer using just a mix of herbs? Sounds great! — — At the behest of @CompostCab, I was trying to think up compost slogans (found with the #WhyCompost hash tag). But after reading about how a California state prison and LEGOLAND are both […]

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Offal Wasteful?

After watching this video love letter to offal, you might say today’s culinary system is missing an entire stream of animal protein. Or you might say, ‘Gross!’ What say you? (Oh, and don’t miss the ending.)

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Food Waste Reduction Is So Hot Right Now!

Wondering what you should be keeping your eye on this year? Well, marketing communications firm JWT has you covered with their 100 Things to Watch in 2012. Why am I telling you this? Why, because “Curbing Food Waste” made that list. See for yourself in their neat slide show (done in alphabetical order–see #16). Also encouraging–“Fuel from Waste” […]

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Friday Buffet

The real March Madness–Recyclemania–is now under way. I’m especially fond of the “Waste Minimization” category, as that’s kind of the point. — — It’s hard not to enjoy this neat animated illustration of Michael Pollan’s food rules. And I’m sure they used that food featured in the video, right? — — I’m so excited about […]

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Flash Freezing

Let me get this straight–before last week, all perishable food bought in the UK carried the advice to ‘freeze food on day of purchase?!’ Seriously? Happily, that is no longer the case at the major British chain Sainsbury’s, as they’ve backed off that uber-cautious advice. With the backing of the waste-reduction crew at WRAP, Sainsbury’s labels […]

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Teaching About Waste

There’s an increasing attention being paid to waste of all kinds. That’s why a waste curriculum aimed at the most-important-to-reach Americans (from a waste-generating standpoint) is key. Anyone looking to teach elementary school students about waste should say ‘Thanks, Ohio!’ And then turn to The Ohio Department of Natural Resources’ Windows on Waste curriculum. It […]

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Friday Buffet

Beauty is only skin deep: There may just be an “Ugly” food company forming in the UK to sell items that don’t look beautiful but taste great. — — New again: Chefs turning scraps into a second act. This works on so many levels. — — Etiquette sure can prompt food waste. Here’s a neat […]

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Clear Skies for Airport Food Recovery?

If you’ve spent any late night time at the airport, chances are you’ve wondered what happened to all that wrapped, prepared food. Unfortunately, it’s usually tossed. But that is changing at Tampa International Airport, where food vendor HMS Host is donating these packaged eats like sandwiches and those yummy yet incredibly pricey yogurt parfaits to a […]

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