Friday Buffet

How am I just hearing about Fenugreen? Paper that makes produce keep longer using just a mix of herbs? Sounds great!

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At the behest of @CompostCab, I was trying to think up compost slogans (found with the #WhyCompost hash tag). But after reading about how a California state prison and LEGOLAND are both vermicomposting, I’ve got a few new ones:

Even You, Con, Compost!


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So many righteous things colliding here: New Belgium Brewing Co., Boulder, biking and food rescue. The resulting bike food rescue by Boulder Food Rescue is a fabulous story. Also, this is why Boulder rocks.

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In a related note, computer scientists interested in food redistribution will geek out over this paper, written by BFR founder Caleb Phillips.

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Finally, I am a BlogHer featured blogger this coming week! So I can now say I was:

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