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Friday Buffet

Here’s the Complete Guide to Freezing Just About Everything, courtesy of Coupon Kim. Thanks, Kim. — — The owners of the Green Cafe in suburban Philadelphia will be feeding the restaurant’s food scraps to their rescued animals. Check this out: Leftover food scraps regularly become meals for the mustangs, zony (a zebra-pony hybrid), goats and other creatures that reside across the […]

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Brunchy Buns

A few days ago, I tweeted about having extra hamburger buns. It’s a common problem, as you can only really get packaged buns in packs of eight. Now, you can avoid this problem by buying higher-end, buns individually or even baking your own. But I like those cheap-o, white bread burger buns. I’m really just looking […]

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Gallery Now Open

Pass the cheese, help yourself to some wine…it’s time for the opening of the second exhibit in the Wasted Food Gallery. This exhibit comes to us from the camera of “Secret Freegan,” a Phoenix resident who dumpster dives and donates her findings to the hungry. You can view Secret Freegan’s photos via the Gallery tab, which is always atop […]

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Friday Buffet

Might we see curbside food waste collection in Ohio? Some towns near Columbus are considering it. — — A Little Caesars franchisee in Florida recently started donating all unsold pizzas to a United Way soup kitchen. Never having lived in a Little Caesar’s state (despite enduring their ads), I couldn’t imagine why they had so much excess until […]

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Ample Harvest? Pass Some Along

Gary Oppenheimer is an avid gardener. A master gardener, in fact. When Gary became director of the West Milford (NJ) Community Garden, he found that others left a lot of produce on the vines. He created a committee, called Ample Harvest, to find food pantries to which they could donate this healthy excess. It turned out they couldn’t find […]

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Life to Leftovers

In a recent post, I put out a call for suggestions on what to do with some leftover cheese spread. Your ideas came pouring back, much to my benefit. On the heels of that fruitful exercise, I thought it’d be fun to start a recurring feature that lets readers help other readers give new life to their leftovers. Hence, “Life […]

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Friday Buffet

Here’s a story on the lifecycle environmental impact of one manufacturer’s heat-and-eat chili. Very interesting stuff, especially the trade off between packaging waste and food loss. — — The San Jose Hazmat team was called in to handle the stench from an office fridge. Seven were sent to the hospital. Just a sad day for […]

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Ugliness Is Only Skin Deep

We’ve all seen food that looks down on its luck. It may be bruised, gashed, moldy, soft, wilty or some other adjective. No matter how bad it appears, I try to cut away the offending parts to salvage what I can. I’m sure many of you do the same. If you don’t, here’s proof that […]

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The few, the proud, the Bagel Brigade

Every army needs a Bagel Brigade. Not like the rag-tag bunch pictured, but more like this. Saturday, NPR’s Weekend Edition profiled the Los Angeles non-profit whose raisin d’etre is redistributing bagels and day-old bread to those in need. The piece had one tidbit on food recovery that I have never encountered: drivers making unauthorized donations […]

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Friday Buffet

Here’s a wasted food first: linking to a sermon. This post from The Middletown Eye has an engaging sermon that touches on excess food and the Food Not Bombs controversy in Middletown, Conn. — — Norcal Waste Systems is now Recology. Cool site, but we’d prefer more composting. — — Swine flu fears lead to slaughter of Egyptian […]

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