Brunchy Buns

A few days ago, I tweeted about having extra hamburger buns. It’s a common problem, as you can only really get packaged buns in packs of eight.

Now, you can avoid this problem by buying higher-end, buns individually or even baking your own. But I like those cheap-o, white bread burger buns. I’m really just looking for something to hold the burger together and stay out of the way, taste-wise. Hence, six buns remained after my wife and I had our burgers.

Anyway, thanks to my buddy the Eco-Chef, I knew what came next: French Toast buns. As I previously wrote, the Eco-Chef transforms yesterday’s burger buns into today’s French toast at The Sunny Side Cafe, adding orange juice to spruce it up.

For my spicing up, I went with the always pleasing banana/cinnamon/walnut combination. It really came together. Then again, you could probably dip your computer monitor in egg, grill it in butter and it’d taste half-way decent.

Unlike the Eco-Chef, who sacrifices a bit of the buns’ tops and bottoms to make them more bread-like, I just dipped away. I’m happy to report that the crust browned just fine. And while my garnishing game needs a little work, I now have a perfect morning-after solution for cookout remains.

Have a look:

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