Friday Buffet

Here’s the Complete Guide to Freezing Just About Everything, courtesy of Coupon Kim. Thanks, Kim.

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The owners of the Green Cafe in suburban Philadelphia will be feeding the restaurant’s food scraps to their rescued animals. Check this out:

Leftover food scraps regularly become meals for the mustangs, zony (a zebra-pony hybrid), goats and other creatures that reside across the street. photo courtesy of drexel universityThey were rescued by the cafe owners, who have operated Moore’s Home for Wayward Farm Animals for 42 years.

A zony?! I guess that’s like a Liger, which is pretty much my favorite animal.

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The Miami Herald doles out advice on avoiding waste during hurricane season. Yet, it’s a useful read for anyone with a supply of emergency food. And I don’t mean your stockpile of Snickers.

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Sounds more like advocacy than a science project, but it’s my kind of advocacy!

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Finally, a Baltimore artist has taken a non-traditional look at food and waste. Never has there been a more important ‘and’ on this site.

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