Life to Leftovers: Hot Dog Buns

Last week, I wrote about having excess hamburger buns. Well, I now have a surplus of their sibling: hot dog buns. And since we all had so much fun in the maiden voyage of Life to Leftovers, I thought we’d give it another shot. [By the way, I haven’t heard from any of you with dilemmas of your own–maybe you’re all use-it-up experts.]

Anyway, I have four leftover potato hot dog rolls and we need a break from hot dogs, sausages and the like. Since I’m not confident that I can get a decent lobster in North Carolina, lobster rolls are out.

pb and banana roll by lantzilla via creative commonsSo, in short, HELP! Without your ideas, I’ll be having peanut butter & banana rolls all week. OK, maybe not. I can think of a few other moves, mostly involving butter and garlic, but I’d like to throw the question out to you resourceful readers. What do you do with extra hot dog buns?

And while we’re on the topic, here’s an amazing homemade contraption that allows one to toast buns without the dreaded break-in-half.

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