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I’ve done a decent amount of media in my, gulp, 10+ years of writing about food waste. But this Meet the MISFITS feature was among the most fun and introspective interviews I’ve done. The  neat people behind MISFIT Juicery curate these interviews in addition to making beverages out of ‘aesthetically-challenged’ produce. As an interview bonus, I got […]

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Friday Buffet

Beauty is only skin deep: There may just be an “Ugly” food company forming in the UK to sell items that don’t look beautiful but taste great. — — New again: Chefs turning scraps into a second act. This works on so many levels. — — Etiquette sure can prompt food waste. Here’s a neat […]

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The Year of Butter?

It being 2012, we can safely say the holidays are in the rearview mirror (Right? I’m not forgetting anything, am I?). Given that, I thought it’d be fun to swap tales of holiday leftover usage from your kitchen or others. Katy, aka The Non-Consumer Advocate, aka Coin Girl, shared this one via Facebook: Last night I made scalloped potatoes […]

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National Freedom Toast Day

Today, if you’re like me, you’ve got a real abundance. The day after a cookout, the most prevalent remains tend to be buns. And so, because a hefty portion of us will have done some Independence Day grilling, I hereby declare July 5 to be National French Freedom Toast Day. (Think of it as a cousin […]

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Bread Love

I’m on the road now, prepping for a couple of events in San Francisco (find details here). But I had to pass on this useful post communicating 17 Uses for Stale Bread. And  you were planning to feed it to the birds!!

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Love Yer Leftovers…even more the next day!

I had so much fun talking about leftovers on Monday–and it seemed like you did, too–that I thought we should return to the subject. A great question arose in the comments  from that post: Are there foods that taste better as leftovers? Or at least after sitting a day. Janes’_kid breeched the topic with the […]

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Love Yer Leftovers!

I don’t know about you, but I love leftovers. I mean really, what’s not to love? They’re economical, easy and environmentally friendly. That first adjective is pretty self-evident. If you’ve already paid for the food—whether eating in or out—you may as well use it. As for easy, it doesn’t get much more convenient than taking […]

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Life to Leftovers: Hot Dog Buns

Last week, I wrote about having excess hamburger buns. Well, I now have a surplus of their sibling: hot dog buns. And since we all had so much fun in the maiden voyage of Life to Leftovers, I thought we’d give it another shot. [By the way, I haven’t heard from any of you with dilemmas of your own–maybe you’re all use-it-up […]

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Life to Leftovers

In a recent post, I put out a call for suggestions on what to do with some leftover cheese spread. Your ideas came pouring back, much to my benefit. On the heels of that fruitful exercise, I thought it’d be fun to start a recurring feature that lets readers help other readers give new life to their leftovers. Hence, “Life […]

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