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Monday Roundup

Plenty of news from Food Waste World recently: There’s an increased likelihood of the EU banning “best before” labels on shelf-stable foods like grains, canned goods and frozen items. The Dutch and Swedish farming ministers sent a letter recommending that course of action to the EU Agriculture Council, who discussed the issue today (but didn’t […]

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Friday Buffet

Wow, Reno must be the anti-Vegas! The Atlantis Casino there not only had a food waste diversion goal for 2012, the exceeded it by 56 percent! — — Don’t Judge a Fruit By Its Color, writes the Food Politic blog on HuffPost. The piece looks at government standards and our attitudes to get at this superficial […]

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Friday Buffet

Whenever a publication as august as The Financial Times weighs in on dumpster diving, I always link to it (and try to match the paper’s salmon color). — — Donating prepared foods can be harder than you think, but it’s important! As is reducing the overall excess at holiday or other gatherings. — — If […]

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Friday Buffet

USA! USA! Oh, wait–first place is bad here. Not surprisingly, the United States owns ‘most wasteful nation’ status with food.  (Although I am confused by the data source…) — — In case you were curious, here’s what curbside composting looks like in Portland, with their tasteful brown kitchen caddies… — — Sticking in Oregon, here’s […]

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Happy Returns

I’m finally back home, after a relaxing, leftover-sandwich-filled Thanksgiving trip. No sooner did I return than I found this AP story on food waste. After paying so much attention to household food waste, with Thanksgiving, let’s return our gaze to the hospitality industry and institutional kitchens. I’m encouraged to hear that Virginia Tech has cut […]

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Food Falls to Non-Profits

Anyone who’s been to a casino can imagine the amount of food wasted at buffets and through the sheer volume of restaurant service. Two casinos on the Canadian side of Niagara Falls are minimizing that waste by donating heaps of prepared food to local charities. The United Way of Niagara Falls collects this high quality food and distributes it […]

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Restaurant Technology: Our Friend?

I came across this article in Fast Company about Slingshot, a restaurant tracking system made by Avero. Restaurants, especially fast food companies, often point to their technologies like Slingshot to show they’ve trimmed their waste. While that’s usually true, by reading between the lines we can see that these systems can create another kind of waste. Paraphrasing the western […]

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