Monday Roundup

Plenty of news from Food Waste World recently:

There’s an increased likelihood of the EU banning “best before” labels on shelf-stable foods like grains, canned goods and frozen items. The Dutch and Swedish farming ministers sent a letter recommending that course of action to the EU Agriculture Council, who discussed the issue today (but didn’t make any rulings).

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Friday, The New York Times ran a nice roundup of what’s new in food waste recycling. The piece includes some very interesting words on food waste from Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack:

“…I see it as a multifaceted issue that has an impact on family food budgets, an impact on hunger in America, an impact on our natural resources and climate change.”

“I’ve become very sensitized to this because my wife is a relatively small person and I’m a relatively big guy. She gets the same portion size as I do when we go to a restaurant, and sometimes we take it home but often we don’t because it’s really not the kind of food you can take home.”

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The second SAVE FOOD congress sought solutions to global food waste. Here’s a brief summary.

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Britain won’t ban food waste from landfills. Resource Minister Dan Rogerson said he won’t review the policy of organic waste going to landfill, citing success with food waste awareness campaigns and such a requirement adversely impacting businesses.

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Finally, this here site was just named Sustainable Blog of the Week by the Guardian! Given my respect for that news organization, I’m truly honored.

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