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The Happy New Year Friday Buffet

This time of year is rife with New Year’s Resolutions. Here’s a pretty good one, in my humble opinion. — — Here’s a safe bet for 2011: We’ll see more composting schemes launching, like this commercial one in St. Louis. Of course, public funding to boost composting, as in Australia, wouldn’t hurt. — — A […]

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Stop Spild Af Mad!

Monday I linked to an editorial from a writer advocating eating our Christmas trees (more or less). Perhaps it’s no surprise that the author is Danish, given the strength of that nation’s Stop Wasting Food group(Stop Spild Af Mad in Danish). The non-profit aims to reduce the amount of food wasted in Denmark through a […]

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Eat Your Tree!

OK, maybe don’t eat it, but…you can use your Christmas tree to flavor your food. That’s the message from Denmark, espoused in this NYT op-ed. I don’t have much experience with Christmas trees, but it sounds like a neat idea. After all, spruce and fir needles seem very rosemary-ish. Why not deploy them as an […]

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Here’s to a Rotten Christmas!

At least, that’s the message from the folks at MERCURYcsc, a small ad agency in Montana. Watch their holiday-themed, Pollan-inspired experiment here: Here’s the menu. And here’s a photo-breakdown of how the food broke down. Thoughts? Oh, and Merry Christmas!

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Edible, not Expendable

Finding a fabulous web site is like wandering into a random restaurant and getting a surprisingly tasty meal. And then not having to pay. That was how I felt when I came across Expendable Edibles. The site, around since 2004, has a beautiful premise: helping people use food that they’d otherwise throw away. Expendable Edibles […]

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A Talk and a Gift

Because Daniel suggested it–here’s a more prominent placement for the video from my Book TV appearance. So if you haven’t already–check it out! — — A little while back I wrote about the Green Egg Shopper app for iPhones. Well, the maker has been kind enough to provide us with some promo codes for free […]

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Friday Buffet

The Composting World Cup?? Australia will host it in April. I guess that’s some consolation for missing out hosting the real World Cup in 2022. — — It’s definitely that time of year where pantries are busiest. Yet this year, they’re really struggling to keep up with rising demand: The Cleveland Foodbank has provided 50percent […]

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New York Minute

I just returned home from an energizing visit to New York City. While there, I got to take part in two book-related events, appear on the Leonard Lopate Show, talk shop with many fascinating folks (including a Freegan spokesperson) and even catch up with some friends. My first event was part presentation, part panel discussion. […]

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Weekend Buffet

Want to eat a gourmet, dumpster-procured meal? How about having a film director come to your town and rail against food waste while wearing a speedo? Donate some money to help Dive! director Jeremy Seifert’s campaign to send a copy of his film to every Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods in the U.S. of A. […]

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A Grand Example

I’ll be attending my grandma’s funeral today. In addition to being an exceptional, loving woman, Ethel Bloom was a major inspiration for this blog. That’s why I thought it only fitting that I share a few things about her here. From my Grandma Bloom, I learned: When life gives you bruised apples, you make apple […]

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