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Diving In

There’s a relatively new documentary on dumpster diving called, appropriately, Dive. Based on the trailer, I’m excited. Here, check it out: Has anyone seen this film? There are some upcoming screenings in California and Texas. Unfortunately, it’s not on Netflix, but you can buy the DVD from the site.

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Friday Buffet

A new study by a team of National Institute of Health researchers has some fascinating findings. After analyzing USDA and FAO data, the team of researchers found that US per capita food waste has increased by 50 percent since 1974. More interesting, they found that we now waste 40 percent of our available food supply. […]

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A Video to be Thankful for

If I was going to make a short video summing up the problem of wasted food, it’d look something like this. Good did a great job of illuminating the problem and then suggesting ideas on how to take action. — Speaking of taking action, with Thanksgiving upon us, I just wanted to add a few […]

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Guest Post: Be Thankful, Not Wasteful

Hannah Katsman is a mother of six and an expert on efficient cooking. At Cooking Manager, she shares easy recipes and tips on planning menus, shopping, food storage, appliance usage, entertaining, leftovers, and more. Below, she lends her insight on how to reduce waste and enjoy your Thanksgiving: Lots of guests, a table groaning with […]

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Friday Buffet

Really? Planned food fights as birthday party entertainment? That’s the best you can do? There is an interested skirmish in the comments section, but to throw another 2 cents in, I’d say there are environmental and ethical implications to wasting food as opposed to money. — — Howard County, Md, is rocking recess before lunch […]

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Quebec Steps Up

While Britain announced that it will ban food waste from landfills, notre amis in Quebec just announced a plan to do the same by 2013. Part of the impetus for the move came from Québécois policymakers’ realization that the province wouldn’t be able to meet its goal of composting 60% of food waste by 2012. […]

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Eye on Food Waste

This past Friday, the CBS Evening News ran a piece about food recovery. Those of you who know what food recovery/rescue is, won’t be enthralled, but it’s neat nonetheless to see a network tackle the issue. (Yes, even though networks’ allure has declined a bit in recent years.) I was happy to see Hidden Harvest […]

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Friday Buffet

Who’s up for some Slip ‘n Slide Split Pea ‘n Slide?? Is sliding through food some sort of Idaho cultural tradition? Didn’t think so. (HT to Katy) — — I never thought I’d write the words Brian and Boitano on this blog, but this page from Toronto Life has news on the ex-skater’s cooking show […]

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Delving Deeper into UK Waste

Not content with their excellent 2008 study on waste throughout the food chain in Britain, the semi-governmental group WRAP just released a more detailed study on household food waste. This is a pretty big deal in these parts, and I’ll be making my way through the study in the coming days. In the meantime, here […]

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Recess First!

A looong time ago, I wrote about the idea of having recess before lunch. The idea being that when kids eat after exercising, they’re hungrier and don’t waste as much. Plus, the allure of recess doesn’t push them to skip half of their lunch. Well, the idea recently popped up again in the form of […]

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