Quebec Steps Up

While Britain announced that it will ban food waste from landfills, notre amis in Quebec just announced a plan to do the same by 2013.

Part of the impetus for the move came from Québécois policymakers’ realization that the province wouldn’t be able tophoto by abdallahh via creative commons meet its goal of composting 60% of food waste by 2012. Since Quebec is only at 12% now, they realized drastic change was needed.

Hence, the food waste ban, which is part of the 2010-2015 Five Year Action Plan (a nod to Stalin?). In addition, throwing away paper will be illegal by next year. That’s ambitious, if the U.S. is any indication. Here, paper is the most common material discarded in landfills.

Also in the plan–a lot of stuff in French. Unfortunately, the province declined to provide an English language version of the action plan or the press release. But I will rest easy in knowing that:

Le projet de politique québécoise de gestion des matières résiduelles, assorti d’un plan d’action de cinq ans, vise un grand objectif : faire en sorte que la seule matière éliminée au Québec soit le résidu ultime.

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