Friday Buffet

Who’s up for some Slip ‘n Slide Split Pea ‘n Slide?? Is sliding through food some sort of Idaho cultural tradition? Didn’t think so. (HT to Katy)
split pea soup. photo by stu_spivack via creative commons

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I never thought I’d write the words Brian and Boitano on this blog, but this page from Toronto Life has news on the ex-skater’s cooking show and Approved Food, a British site that sells out-of-code items that I previously wrote about.

While its great that this food is being used, I wonder how much it cuts into food donations. Then again, there aren’t many food recovery groups in Britain.

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The Green Party wrote about food waste. Does that mean we’ll see food waste written into its 2012 Platform?

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Finally, this deleted scene from The Office has a food recovery moment toward the end. Phyllis mentions that she brings leftover muffins from her book club to the office, rather than letting them be thrown out. And then Andy…voices his opinion on the matter. (HT to Matt)

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