Web-prevented Waste

A Scottish entrepreneur just launched a site that will enable grocers to sell goods approaching their ‘best by’ date to bargain hunting consumers.

Unfortunately, I don’t know what the site is called. That’s because this article–in a stunning feat of journalistic incompetence–doesn’t provide the name or URL. While I’m complaining, a second source (on this new site’s prospects) wouldn’t hurt the article, either.

The piece does mention Approved Food, a similar site with a niche in nearly out-of-code items. I found their About Us page encouraging, and it even has a dash of humor:

We specialise in selling short-dated or out-of-date “Best Before” dry food products as well as fully coded clearance stock. We do not however sell chilled or frozen “Use By” products.

Some people believe consuming food & drink that has passed its “best before” dates is unacceptable and these people might be better of shopping at www.tesco.com [a high end British grocer].

Our customers have a more educated view on best before dates and what these actually mean. And for these people, Approved Food can offer fantastic value that no supermarket can ever compete with on price.

I’m curious, would you ever buy goods past their “best-by” date? What about their “sell-by” date? And if either one is a ‘yes,’ would you do so over the Web?

Update: the previously unnamed site is Nearly Out of Date.

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