Eat me!

I’m not linking to this post out of vanity (honest!) and what follows is not vulgar (get your mind out of the gutter!).

In addition to finding The Compact (of not buying anything new except food for a year) admirable, I really enjoyed Angela Barton’s idea of having a section near the front of your fridge for expiring goods. It’s kind of like having a sale rack in your own refrigerator. Plus, Barton’s area has that fun name. photo courtesy of Angela Barton

The practice of moving all the soon-to-be expired food up to the front of the fridge is reminiscent of the way grocery stores stock their shelves. The new stuff is put in the back so the older goods are actually sold. Why prompt waste in your home by putting recent purchases at the front of the fridge?

While I don’t have a designated spot in my fridge for elderly food, I try to have a rough idea in my head of what’s going bad first. This usually helps me answer that nagging question ‘What’s for dinner?’

Anyway, what’s on your sale rack? And do you have any tips or strategies for keeping that category to a minimum?

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