Eye on Food Waste

This past Friday, the CBS Evening News ran a piece about food recovery. Those of you who know what food recovery/rescue is, won’t be enthralled, but it’s neat nonetheless to see a network tackle the issue. (Yes, even though networks’ allure has declined a bit in recent years.)

I was happy to see Hidden Harvest get some much-deserved love. I’ve spoken with their exec director Christy Porter and enjoyed it. Anyone who started out as a journalist, holds a PhD in English and works in the food recovery world is A-OK with me.

Yet, it’s kind of unbelievable that the 96 billion/27% stats are the latest we have (from 1995 data), but they are. On a lighter note, I loved the CGI graphics that put statistics on the back of the collection truck (I’m such a sucker for stuff like that). Also, the unsung heroes of the piece–and food recovery in general–are banana boxes!

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