A Video to be Thankful for

If I was going to make a short video summing up the problem of wasted food, it’d look something like this. Good did a great job of illuminating the problem and then suggesting ideas on how to take action.

Speaking of taking action, with Thanksgiving upon us, I just wanted to add a few reminders to the suggestions offered in Monday’s thorough guest post.

–Encourage your guests to bring their own take-home containers.

–Be generous in dishing out leftovers. Having tons of food in one house may not be the best plan. While some folks make use of every ounce of carcass, many tire of turkey by Saturday.

–Be less generous in piling food on your plate. Plate waste isn’t usually saved and, besides, taking seconds is fun!

–Think of others. While many soup kitchens and food bank are flooded with volunteers and donations these days (both great), the holiday season is a great time of year to write a check to your local charity. That way, they can spread out the generosity.

–Enjoy! Thanksgiving is a day to celebrate abundance. Let’s just be sure not to prepare and then needlessly waste that abundance.

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