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Friday Buffet

British retailer Marks & Spencer has a fun food waste game on its sweet Plan A site. Problem is, every time I cook something in the game, the little Playmobil people don’t like it and throw it away. Or is that the point of the game? — — Here’s a fascinating look at cafeteria food […]

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Eventful Food Recovery

I know runners and bikers are wiped out after completing long events, but maybe they’re not all that…hungry. Two recent examples have brought athletic event food waste into focus. Saturday, as I was biking to the office to finish my…book manuscript first draft (Trick or Treat!!), I came upon the finish line of a Habitat […]

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Animated Food Rescue

What a pleasant surprise to stumble upon, a stand-alone site created by NYC’s own food rescuers, City Harvest. The site raises the profile for food rescue/recovery through a series of whimsical animated shorts, like this: I like “Butterfinger” the most, and it seems like the site’s designers do, too. “High Steaks Poker” seems like […]

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