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Friday Buffet

To these ears, the linked stories on milk wastage in Senegal and the US sounded like some high-quality reporting. — — A national network is brewing on college campuses…a Food Recovery Network. — — Wasted, the excellent new NRDC food waste report, continues to receive plenty of well-deserved coverage. One small reminder–The NRDC report didn’t “find” that […]

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Much Ado

Looks like I picked a bad week to be away at a conference. Lots of food waste news, which is great to see. This fabulous NRDC issue paper came out, which kick-started a bunch of media attention on waste. That prompted a spate of national news interest–never a bad thing. I did find the screaming […]

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Use That Food!

Here’s a neat one: UseTheFood is a free site that helps you find recipes to…use the food. Your food, that is. As of today, the startup goes from private beta to public beta. In other words, you can search the listings. I haven’t looked through it much, but I like the a feature that allows you […]

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Friday Buffet

Good news, Americans feel more guilt about wasting food than any other environmental transgression. In other words–let’s use this “green guilt” to limit waste! — — Wait, don’t toss those coffee grounds! Slow Food provides some interesting uses for something you thought was useless. — — Here are five helpful tips to help restaurateurs to […]

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Food Recovery in a Flash

FlashFood, a student-run group out of Arizona State, are pioneering a new food recovery app. It’s providing neat model for how technology can connect excess food with those who need it, via willing student volunteers. Check it out: I think this idea has real potential with caterers and restaurants, who often have extra food but […]

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Caring Through Crops

When you’re starting a food recovery operation, it helps to have a catchy name. And if you can coin a verb to go with it–even better. The Fayetteville, Arkansas-based founders of Seeds that Feed have accomplished both. CareCropping, their play on ‘sharecropping,’ is a way for gardeners and farmers to alleviate hunger by donating a […]

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Friday Buffet

Here’s an interesting nugget shedding light on how The Cheesecake Factory manages its kitchen inventory. Of course, nothing said about plate waste. — — An restaurant in Sydney, Australia will be closing because of diminished business due to the restaurateur’s strict rules–including compelling customers to ‘try to finish everything’ and bring their own take-home containers. It’s […]

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Wwwhat’s up, Doc?

Continuing on the summer theme of alphabet veggies, here’s another letter. So we have C, J, S and, now…W! (Still looking for a vowel.) While we’re moving away from squash, this carrot is pretty impressive. Thanks to young Mia, a friend of a friend, for picking and posing with this fabulous W carrot. And to think, […]

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Face the Facts–Waste and Hunger Both Too High

After last week, it must be infographic season! Here’s another great one, this time from Face the Facts USA. I like how the non-partisan myth debunkers linked waste and hunger. And, visually, seeing America’s annual waste fill 91 Empire State Buildings really communicates just how much food we squander. Nice job, folks!

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Peachy Keen

New Jersey peach producers usually throw away about a million cosmetically-challenged (blemished) peaches every year. This year, they’ve decided to do something about it. Eastern ProPak, a N.J. growers collective, has teamed up with the Food Bank of South Jersey and Campbell’s Soup to create a peach salsa from unsellable fruit. The result is Just […]

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