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Trayless Times and a Neat Idea

Two items of business today: 1. The New York Times found the idea of trayless dining fit to print. While I’d hoped for a bit more attention on just how much food waste can be avoided, I thought the writer did a nice job reporting the topic. And I really enjoyed this seldom-discussed rationale for […]

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California Dreamin’

Because there are so few legislative effort to reduce food waste, any activity on that front jumps to the front of my radar. On that note, there’s news from the California Senate. The Feed the Hungry Bill, a.k.a. SB 35, passed a key committee vote yesterday. That means it’s that much closer to becoming law. […]

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Wesleyan To Drop Tray

I’ve stopped noting when individual schools go trayless because it has become too hard to keep track (a great problem to have, of course). But I have to make an exception here with the news that my alma mater, Wesleyan, is going trayless next fall. That said, I’m curious what the heck took such an […]

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Catering comes a knockin’

My neighbor had a catered party on Thursday. As with most catered affairs, there were plenty of leftovers. I know because our neighbor asked my wife and me if we’d would put any of it to good use. Umm…Yes. (I don’t think she knows about this blog.) For us, it was a total jackpot. Sort […]

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Friday Buffet

The Econovore and I may disagree on how to avoid it, but we both abhor waste. I’d love to have a beer with her, but I’m sure I’d get stuck with the tab. Oh well, it’d probably be worth it to get a few of her “flexipes” that could preclude so much waste. — — […]

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Earth Day Replay

What’d you miss on Earth Day? A few things: The Washington Post‘s A Mighty Appetite has an interview with Cooking Green author Kate Heyhoe. I like the term “cookprint,” although I can’t decide whether I prefer “carbon foodprint.” One thing I’m sure of: I love that our “cookprint” takes into account the waste created in […]

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April 22 is…

…Earth Day. Weather permitting, I’m going to spend it outside and away from the computer. If I’m lucky, I might even get my hands into some real earth–I need to get my summer seedlings in the ground. I hope you’re able to do the same! (the outside part, at least) I’ll be back with a […]

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Taking One for the Team

CNET Asia blogger Michael Tan raises an interesting question, albeit in a confrontational manner: If you care about the environment and not wasting food, should you buy the container of milk closer to its expiration date? Robin Shreeves from the Mother Nature Network runs with the question, applying it to various supermarket sections. Her main […]

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Watching Waste

The report below has some graphic food composting footage. *Spoiler alert:* It might just spoil your appetite. Embedded video from CNN Video The clip details the virtuous cycle of an Atlanta hotel turning its food waste into compost, which is then used to grow more food. A progressive process, for sure. A higher goal, though, […]

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Friday Buffet

As you guys know, I’m all for avoiding food waste, but this insider tip does not make me want to eat hospital food. Then again, I do like the baking soda toothpaste… — — While you were enjoying Easter, Australia’s Do Something launched the FoodWise campaign. They’ve set some reasonable goals and even have a […]

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