Watching Waste

The report below has some graphic food composting footage. *Spoiler alert:* It might just spoil your appetite.

The clip details the virtuous cycle of an Atlanta hotel turning its food waste into compost, which is then used to grow more food. A progressive process, for sure.

A higher goal, though, is to reduce the amount of edible food being squandered and requiring composting. Along those lines, I found it odd that the video omitted this important detail from the print article:

Excess food, in accordance with the Good Samaritan Food Donation Act, is donated to the Atlanta Community Food Bank, which aids in feeding the city’s hungry.

Was that left on the cutting room floor? Did the producers feel that food donation complicate the picture too much? Something else, perhaps?

Also, I couldn’t help noticing a nice platter of pesto pasta being scraped into the compost bin in the first ten seconds. My guess is that it couldn’t be donated because the pasta was on an open buffet (whereas if it was served by staff, health codes would allow donation). Either way, it’s frustrating to see that tip of the food waste iceberg.

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