Wesleyan To Drop Tray

I’ve stopped noting when individual schools go trayless because it has become too hard to keep track (a great problem to have, of course). But I have to make an exception here with the news that my alma mater, Wesleyan, is going trayless next fall.

That said, I’m curious what the heck took such an environmentally aware campus this long. The Connecticut school now has Trayless Tuesdays, but lags behind hundreds of U.S. colleges and universities that have eliminated trays in all-you-can-eat settings to reduce food waste.

The full-time traylessness announcement sparked a fairly typical dialogue in the comments section of this post. Some of the comments are well put, others less so. I have to admit, I enjoyed #27.

On the topic of financial savings, though, I would hope that the students hold the administration’s collective feet to the fire. Since the students’ small sacrifice will result in less food being purchased, they should benefit, too. The school probably won’t lower board rates, but something like increased local or organic offerings or a pledge not to increase board prices next year sounds right.

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