Friday Buffet

The Econovore and I may disagree on how to avoid it, but we both abhor waste. I’d love to have a beer with her, but I’m sure I’d get stuck with the tab. Oh well, it’d probably be worth it to get a few of her “flexipes” that could preclude so much waste.

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photo by sixes and sevensThis journalist really has the food environmentalism thing covered. Makes sense, because her newspaper “covers Prince Edward Island like the dew!”

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I’m really enjoying Food Waste Focus, the blog from LeanPath Inc. It’s a very ‘inside baseball’ look at how retail food outlets can cut their waste. For example: condiment waste.

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There’s some pushback against traylessness at New Mexico Tech and it centers on them having *smallish* trays. Hmm…that’s hard to stomach when contrasted to the work of Feed St. Louis at Wash U.

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You’ve got to really dig through this bizarre post to find it (check the comments), but here’s Carnival Cruise director John Heald on food waste:

As we discussed a few months ago here in the blog the gala buffet has been discontinued. I know it was popular but the food waste was extraordinary and while many liked to look at the carvings and food sculptures not too many actually wanted to eat anything. So, along with the other late night buffets, we stopped serving them

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