Earth Day Replay

What’d you miss on Earth Day? A few things:

The Washington Post‘s A Mighty Appetite has an interview with Cooking Green author Kate Heyhoe. I like the term “cookprint,” although I can’t decide whether I prefer “carbon foodprint.” One thing I’m sure of: I love that our “cookprint” takes into account the waste created in preparing and eating food.

I dropped by neighborhood university, Duke, for their Last Day of Classes celebration that had an Earth Day theme (due to its date). I was pleased to talk with a student group trying to get the dining services to serve more local foods and had a nice chat with the head of Sustainability @ Duke.

I’d say the emphasis in the partying was slightly more slanted towards classes ending than environmentalism (fair enough). But Duke’s caterers, the fabulous Bon Appetit, did serve a low carbon diet for the day and I saw this awesome poster in the Great Hall.

And finally, photo courtesy of sodexoSodexo held Weigh the Waste events at many of its campuses. Illustrating the gap between food taken and eaten is an important step. Sodexo serves 600 schools, and almost 40 percent of them are trayless. Not too shabby!

Note: I’ve updated this last bit based on a previous error and added this photo from an Earth Day Weigh the Waste event at Paul Smith’s College in New York.

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