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Hospital Food(?)

There’s news from Britain today about hospital food and it isn’t good. Numerous hospitals in the England are throwing away as much as half of their meals. As anyone who’s stayed in or visited a hospital would guess, gross unsatisfying food is responsible for much of this waste. Insert your own English cuisine joke here. […]

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Friday Buffet

One of my favorite food recovery topics is backyard gleaning, where volunteers collect unwanted fruit from residential trees. If I had a tree producing anything edible, I’d be all over it. And no, acorn soup doesn’t taste good. — — Kudos to Jack Davis, an 11-year-old Florida boy, for prodding Florida legislators to pass a […]

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Seattle Slays

Bless those Seattlites. From where I stand, they’re way ahead of the curve: They recycle household food waste, or at least they will starting in 2009. They provide great advice on food waste, quoting excellent experts (scroll to the end). They recycle food at Mariners games. They recycle food at hospitals. About 30 miles down […]

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Jon and the Bean Sprout

I like different food items from different grocery stores. But, in an effort to not have food consume all of my free time, I’ve reined myself in and only go to two stores a week. As a result, I’m occasionally asked to compromise on price, quality or quantity. Last week, it was the last of […]

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When Seconds Sell First

ABC News reports that Amelia’s Grocery Outlet, an 11-store supermarket chain in Pennsylvania, is selling groceries that have old promotions, damaged packaging or an expired sell-by date. I’m sure they’re receiving their Easter stuff as you read this. 1. This story was pegged to the recession, but there’s not much new here. There have always […]

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Posting an Objection to Waste

Amrit is a student at the Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IIT Madras). In an effort to curb food waste, he made some posters to put up in the dining hall. He sums it up well on his blog: Most of us waste food. We don’t care. Will a poster really help? I am not […]

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Friday Buffet

To get you in the mood for the weekend, here’s a bit about fishing. More specifically, it’s a discussion of fishing “waste” and ethics by a charter boat operator. — — Here’s a rare occasion when the government actually asks restaurants to offer smaller portions. Of course, this isn’t in the U.S., but The Philippines. […]

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Comparing Chains’ Waste

I’ve often heaped praise on T.G.I. Friday’s for offering smaller sized meals in the “Right Portion, Right Prize” menu. Here’s where I prove I’m not on the T.G.I. payroll. I recently came across a list of organic waste produced by all restaurants in Southeastern Massachusetts (no link, because it’s not online). Given the geographic specificity, […]

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Food Waste Rate Cut?

Well, The Fed is at it again, cutting interest rates. But could the recession sparking these moves “cut” the rate of food wasted? As you’d expect, there’s less eating out in lean times. This article documents that trend from a trash collector’s perspective. Less business, means less food waste, right? Maybe. Fewer diners equals less […]

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Kicked to the Curb

I know what you’re thinking–another parking lot photo? Well…I can’t help it. People keep discarding perfectly good fruit behind my office. It must be parking lot produce season. Unlike last time, this apple was untouched. While there’s some logic in discarding a mealy apple, it’s hard to defend treating a Granny Smith this way. I […]

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