Friday Buffet

orange tree by Steve Webel (via Flickr)One of my favorite food recovery topics is backyard gleaning, where volunteers collect unwanted fruit from residential trees. If I had a tree producing anything edible, I’d be all over it. And no, acorn soup doesn’t taste good.

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Kudos to Jack Davis, an 11-year-old Florida boy, for prodding Florida legislators to pass a law protecting food donors from lawsuits.

Boo to ABC News for parroting restaurant industry misconceptions. A tiny bit of research would show that a 1996 federal shield law already covered excuse-seeking restaurateurs in Florida and nationwide.

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Philippines followup: Last week I wrote about how restaurants were urged to offer a half-portion of rice. Thanks to stories like this, the Ag Chief clarified that he doesn’t want them to eat less, just to waste less. But now it seems like there’s a real shortage crisis looming.
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Food waste recycling seems to be going well in Britain. According to Defra, a government department charged with promoting food recycling, participation rates range from 50 to 80 percent in various locations. Only 10 percent of those polled “did not see the point of recycling their food waste.”

Given Defra’s stance on food waste, this news is a little like asking the Obama campaign how the Democratic primary is looking. Still, it’s encouraging.

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