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Friday Buffet

From Kansas City to Washington, food scrap collection is progressing. The King County (Seattle area) food waste Web site is filled with useful tips and facts like: The average single-family household in King County throws away 45 pounds of food scraps every month. — —  Years ago, you left your heart in San Francisco. Today, you can […]

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Gleaned Information

Monday, I met with Joel Berg, the first and only USDA Coordinator of Food Recovery and Gleaning. Berg held that position from 1996 to 1999, and his seat hasn’t been filled since he left (largely due to politics–he was a Clinton appointee). While I’d interviewed him by phone, I learned a great deal more about […]

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What’s at Stake

‘I waste food, so what?’ That’s one reaction I get when I tell people that I’m researching food waste. Countering that argument from a logical perspective can be difficult, as I have a gut reaction against squandering (as do many people). On that logical path, limiting food waste matters because farming and freight uses oil, water, time and money, pollutes […]

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Giant food excess

I just returned from a research trip to New York. In addition to visiting a food pantry and speaking with the former USDA  coordinator of food recovery, I observed more stadium food recovery. Last summer, I went to a Mets game to witness Shea Stadium food donation (baseball). There, I tagged along with a concessions manager as he […]

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Post-Thanksgiving Post

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving (and that you’re still enjoying the leftovers). I know I’ve had quite a few delicious turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce sandwiches recently. On Sunday, friend of Wasted Food (but no friend of waste) Ted Lee, co-author of The Lee Bros. Southern Cookbook, e-mailed to say:  I was just thinking about Wasted […]

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Thanksgiving Tips

Happy Turkey Day! After re-reading my Culinate article, I thought, ‘Man, I sound like a curmudgeon.’ Then a friend jokingly asked if I’d be fasting on Thanksgiving. So, I’ll be clear: I love Thanksgiving. I enjoy both eating great food and spending time with my family. Please pass the stuffing, Grandma. I just hope that on Thanksgiving, with its food […]

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Gallery opening–BYO Wine

Today marks the unveiling of a new feature here at the site. Eagle-eyed readers may have already noticed the Wasted Food gallery, which can be accessed through the “gallery” tab above. I hope this exhibit “space” promotes discussion and raises awareness of food waste through art. I’m imagining “exhibits” will rotate through, and I’m open to all art forms, so contact […]

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Congressional “Action”

The Federal government is finally dipping its sizable toe into the food waste waters. Last week, Missouri congresswoman Jo Ann Emerson introduced legislation that could become The Federal Food Donation Act of 2007 (HR 4220). If it passes, the bill would “encourage” most federal agencies to donate “excess, apparently wholesome food” to the hungry via non-profit groups. Jeffrey Connor, an […]

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The Weekly Waste Word: Use by the Apocalypse

At the beginning of most weeks, I give tips on how to avoid wasting food. Today we’ll talk about when “best before” or “use by” dates can be ignored.  My legal team advises me here that I should stipulate that I’m not a trained food scientist. True, but there are times when use-by dates are just silly. This […]

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Friday Buffet

From Reed College to the National Review, we’re really spanning the political spectrum this week. The conservative magazine has pretty fair article on how the Federal School Lunch Program wastes food and money. Wasted food costs the government $600 million every year, with fruits and vegetables accounting for 42 percent of that waste. This G.A.O. report supplies […]

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